colorful dishes hanging on wall at a store in Morocco

“We loved our time in Morocco!”

We loved our time in Morocco.  The people were spectacular, the countryside beautiful, the tours interesting, the Roads lovely, and the food delicious.  We loved having the opportunity to meet Jill and that short meeting somehow made us feel connected to the Wilson family, which was great. Despite knowing you all on a very limited basis you are certainly an interesting group of people who have enriched the world in many ways it seems.   

We cannot say enough good things about Youseff.   He was smart, funny, always available, kind, knowledgeable, organized, thoughtful, caring, and so clearly respected and admired by so many that we came into contact with.  We could not have had a better driver and support person on this journey.  We so appreciate everything that he did to make this trip a wonderful experience.  

Wishing you and all your family and colleagues in Morocco a lovely holiday season and all the best in 2023. 
Dianne & Dick.
November of 2022