Things to do in Marrakech

Marrakech is the third largest city in Morocco and a popular tourist area. There are so many things to see and do in this bustling city which comprises of both old and new sectors. If you are looking for an authentic Morocco tour, you will want to spend time in Marrakech.

As with any area you visit in Marrakech you want to soak up some of the history and culture which makes the country so special and with so many fantastic attractions in Marrakech, it’s easy to get a real feel of what this country is all about.

Koutoubia Mosque
This is the largest mosque you will find in Marrakech and while you cannot go inside, you can wander around it and be amazed by the seventy seven meter minaret. The mosque is located in the south west Medina area and offers visitors and opportunity to soak up some spectacular architecture.

Spending time in Marrakech wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t visit the souks. The Marrakech souk is the largest Berber market in the whole of Morocco. You can find the souk (traditional market) in the Medina (the Old City). Here you can find brightly colored stalls set in narrow passages and alleys that sell a wide selection of items from clothing to carpets and leather goods to sandals and jewelery.

Saadian Tombs
These tombs date back to the 1500’s and are a major Marrakech tourist attraction. The Mausoleum has sixty Saadi Dynasty members resting there. The tombs are separated into three separate rooms, one of which has twelve spectacular columns.

Museum of Marrakech
The Museum of Marrakech is located in the Dar Menebhi Palace, complete with central courtyard. Here you can see some modern and traditional Moroccan art, a selection of pottery, coins and many other interesting and historical artifacts.

El Badi Palace
The El Badi Palace originally comprised of three hundred and sixty rooms all decorated in marble and gold. Today all that remains is the ruins of this once spectacular palace, which draws thousands of visitors each year to wander around it’s large courtyard and soak up the history of this once magnificent building.

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