“The Tour was Wonderful!”

The tour was wonderful. The accommodations were perfect. Loved both Riads and the hotel in Casablanca.  It’s hard to choose a favorite place though. All the cities were interesting. Of course, I had an attachment to Marrakech. I was able to visit my grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s tombs in the Jewish cemetery there. That was indeed a highlight. Another favorite spot was the Argan trees with the goats on the way to Essaouira. There was so much history, I feel I need to do some research on the dynasties and the palaces.

Rachid was an excellent driver. He was helpful every step of the way. I benefitted greatly from his care and thoughtfulness. After a few careless stumbles,he insisted on taking my arm to ensuremy safety. Above and beyond his duties I would say. He was also a good and safe driver.I cannot say enough about how much we liked him. He felt like a friend.

I also enjoyed Mostafa and Rachid # 2. They wereknowledgeable and enjoyed sharing their knowledge with us.
As for Morocco Tours, I was pleased with our interaction from the very beginning. Jeff and Vienna were very responsive to our questions. When we asked to make a change in our itinerary, Jill made it happen in 15 minutes. I would absolutely recommend your company to anyone who wished to go to Morocco and the van and driver is definitely the best way to travel. It made it feel so personal.

We could have used a little more time in Marrakech to see a few more sites like the Menara and the Saadian tombs. So that will be for next time.

So, in short, it was a great trip and I thank you for your help in organizing it.


December of 2019