The Sahara Desert

camel-and-guideThe Sahara Desert is one of the “must sees” of Morocco. People have described their Sahara experience as “one of the most amazing places on earth” or “a highlight of my life!” Both the Best of Morocco and Authentic Morocco allow you to experience these magical dunes. Take a step back into time to experience life for the nomadic princes and princesses. Each of our tours offers a night in the DELUXE tented camp of Belle Etoile.

Discover the vastness of the beautiful desert on camel back

Discover the vastness of the beautiful desert on camel back

On your trip to the Erg Chebbi, the largest dunes near Merzouga, your 4-wheeled drive Landrover will pick you up to take you across the barren land to the dunes. Your driver, usually dressed in his long flowing blue outfit with white turban, will proceed to take you off the paved road, over the piste “black desert” towards your destination. As you watch in amazement, before you very eyes, the golden brown sand dunes began to appear out of thin air. One would have to say that it is one of the most spectacular things they have ever seen.

As the afternoon starts to cool off, you will load up onto the camel train and set off up onto the dunes to enjoy the sunset. You will slowly wander through the dunes for about ½ hrs until you reached the top of the dunes. Your guide will allow you to dismount and watch the sunset. After the sun has gone down, you will make your way to the tented camp. You will be met by a small camp of Deluxe Berber tents, each equipped with your personal toilet and hot water.

Watch the sun set and have dinner underneith the cosmos

Watch the sun set and have dinner underneith the cosmos

Dinner will be served out under the stars. You will be hungry, so it will taste so good after the long day. Mint tea and fruit finished off your meal and it will be time to settle down for the night.

Your nomad hosts will provide you with your private tent, equipped for a restful night under the starts. It is perhaps the only million star hotel of Morocco.

It is true; the desert is rustic yet authentic! An experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

As you return by camel, the dunes seemed to change before your eyes. From grey, to white, to gold…it is a photographer’s paradise. You will never forget this amazing experience; perhaps becoming one of your favorite places in all of Morocco.

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