The Sahara Desert of Morocco

The Sahara Desert is the largest hot desert in the world spanning over 8.6 million square kilometers. Of course not the entire desert sits in Morocco; Morocco shares the desert with Algeria, Egypt and Mauritania. For those looking to tour Morocco, you will definitely want to consider a visit to the Sahara!

Interestingly there are over two million people that live in the desert and there are two desert villages that can be visited when you are travelling the area.

The Sahara Desert of Morocco offers brilliant blue skies, vast sandy landscapes with rolling dunes and a very peaceful ambience. During the summer time it does get very hot, as you can imagine, so travelling the Sahara during the cooler hours of the day or during spring and autumn will help you stay a little cooler.

Dune Erg Chebbi is the highest dune in the Moroccan Sahara towering fifty meters, tower up from the vast landscape which is accessible from Marrakech.

Take a day to climb the dunes or enjoy a camel ride or even gaze at the stars in the clear night sky. A majority of the Sahara Desert tours start in Marrakech; these offer you an insight into the golden sandy dunes, tranquil scenery and the culture and history of the two quaint villages which remain in this region.

Merzouga is the main tourist village; this lies on the edge of Erg Chebbi and has a salt lake to the west where you can see an abundance of bird life and reptiles. The buildings are all sandy in color as they blend in with the golden dunes that surround the village.

M’Hamid is the other village you will find after entering the Sahara Desert. This is an authentic village, not as popular with tourists but does offer hotels, markets and tourist shops. Again you find the sandy colored buildings in this village which is hugged by towering dunes.

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