The Beautiful Sahara Desert in Morocco

The Sahara Desert is a highlight on anyone’s itinerary when visiting Morocco, it’s a chance to visit on of the largest deserts in the world. The desert covers the majority of Northern Africa and is considered the hottest desert in the world.

If you’re looking for a unique holiday experience then camel trekking is the way to go, what better way to explore this spectacular area than on the back of a camel as you make your way through the towering golden dunes and visit some of the magnificent oasis towns.

Things to See
Some of the highlights of exploring the Sahara Desert in Morocco is the oasis towns and Berber villages. These places seem to be in the middle of nowhere and blend in with their natural surroundings.

Be sure to visit Erg Chebbi Dunes, one of the tallest dunes in Morocco. These dunes tower above you in a beautiful golden color and the dunes change color as the sun moves, making it a picture perfect moment every second you spend there.

Fun Experience
Over and above riding a camel, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity, those looking for some adrenaline pumping fun can try dune surfing. Bear in mind that dune surfing is a dangerous sport, but is great fun.

What You Need
Bear in mind that it is hot in the Sahara Desert so be sure to take plenty of bottled water with you and keep hydrated. Also a sun hat, sun glasses and sun cream can be a welcome addition to your bags while travelling these spectacular dunes.

Wear light cotton clothing that allows your body to breathe. For women bear in mind that Morocco is an Islamic country so you can’t wear shorts and cut off vests, you will need to dress modestly with cotton trousers and a cool blouse, for example.

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