Sites in Morocco

Morocco is famous for its many historical sites and tourist attractions. It holds lots of spiritually sacred sites for Islam as well. Morocco offers a variety of different visiting possibilities, from Roman ruins to the Sahara Desert. Its fascinating culture is ingrained into every place you will go.

One of the most frequented sites in Morocco is the medina, or walled-in city of Fes. This city was founded in 809 A.D. by Idriss II, who is also buried there. Fes is the spiritual capital of Fes, and this is obvious as there are many mosques scattered throughout the city. Its medina is full of interesting little shops, markets and more. This is a good place to truly experience the Moroccan way of life. Marrakech is another well-known city of Morocco. This is one of the biggest cities and is the cultural center of Morocco. There is a large square there, the Jmaa el-Fna, which is packed with little shops and performers, especially at night. Chefchaouen, a blue town at the bottom of the Rif Mountains, is a delight to see and explore. Essaouira, a small calm fishing town is another must-see, with its relaxing beaches and clean medina. Of course, the Sahara Desert is a very popular site for tourists. Complete with an optional camel trek out to the authentic Berber tents, these dunes are magnificent! You can choose to sleep out under the brilliant stars of Africa, or relax in a comfortable hotel. These dunes provide many activities for the adventurous ones, such as sand skiing and sand boarding.

If you visit Morocco, you should be sure to stop in and visit some of these beautiful sites. There are so many options for you, each one filled with Moroccan history and culture. Whether you choose the bustling medina of Fes, the calm beaches of Essaouira or the huge Sahara Desert, you will enjoy yourself immensely.

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