“Simply Terrific”

Our tour was simply terrific. Morocco was a great country to experience, and our time was incredibly fun. Some highlights of our trip included visiting the ancient Roman city of Volubilis since our son is a fan of history, and the sights of the streets of Chefchaouen and the Medina of Marrakech were stunning. Overall, however, every moment of our trip was memorable. Our driver, Achraf Nouri, was honestly one of the best parts of our trip. He was super informative and friendly and always did his best to support our needs. We could not have asked for a better driver. For example, when we were hoping to have a dinner of fish tajine at the riad we would stay at that night, Achraf immediately called the riad and requested that specific dinner for us. The company’s service has also been spot-on, and we have gotten no hiccups at all. We would recommend your tour company to others visiting Morocco, as it has been a smooth experience from start to finish. 

We had a wonderful time in Morocco!

Our driver Achraf was great!! He made our whole trip very smooth and enjoyable!

Thank you again very much for the itinerary and all the arrangements!

Ken H.

(March of 2023)