“…simply AWESOME!!!”

The trip was simply AWESOME!!!!!!

Everyone had a GREAT time. Majid is amazing and the walking tour guides were all very good. Majid had everything timed to perfection, and he added things to the trip that were free and not scheduled. He is a true gem, and I hope your company acknowledges his commitment to excellence.

Another note! We were going through the toll between Casablanca and Rabat and our driver, Majid, sees his cousin, who invites us to his home. We accept and off we go. The area looked questionable and the house from the outside was a bit undone. They open the door and the floors were glistening with cleanliness and the best marble and corian one had ever seen. We walk up to the 2nd floor and we all gasp at the beauty. The house was spectacular. His wife and niece put out a huge spread of sweets and the husband does the traditional pouring of the tea. We were there more than an hour. This was a true example of not judging a book by it’s cover. We also had an older lady in Fes open her door as the walking guide was explaining the door, and she too invited us in to her mini palace, simply beautiful. She and her daughter spoke no English but were very gracious and allowed us to take photos of their beautiful home. I can go on and on of the kind gestures that were extended to us.

Casablanca hotel, Hotel Club D’Anfa, was good, great location.
In Fes, Riad Myra was SPECTACULAR. The staff was very attentive, the rooms and public spaces were just beautiful.
In Marrakech, Riad Moucharabieh’s public areas are nice but the location was not so good. The staff were wonderful, especially the older man Majid. He was amazing, and we took good care of him. The manager also did not charge us for the bottle of wine we had with our dinner,she said it was a gift from them.
In Essaouira, Riad Mimouna’s public areas were spectacular and the room was very good, location simply perfect. Water views and great shopping just a few feet away.

The shopping was incredible in Morocco and we managed to do a LOT of it. Several women had to purchase additional luggage. Several of us purchased fabric for bedding which took up a lot of space. I am kicking myself for not purchasing some additional items, which means I have to return to see other areas of Morocco, and go back to Marrakesh to buy a few more trinkets, clothes and pieces of jewelry.

Food was good, but don’t want to see another tagine in this lifetime 🙂 Was so happy when we got to Essaouira and was able to have some seafood options. On route from Essaouira to Casablanca we stopped at a very nice restaurant and had the best $100.00 lunch of my life. The waiter told us up front what the price was for lobster and three of the 5 decided it was worth it, and we were not disappointed, the other two had shrimp for a whole lot less money. It was one of the best meals I had in Morocco.

Thanks again for planning a GREAT trip, everyone had an AMAZING time and most importantly there were no incidences or major health issues, a runny nose and the occasional sneezing was what we had to contend with. Thanks again for making this happen, I know you worked extremely hard for such a small group, but want you to know that it was very much appreciated.

Inshallah we’ll be back soon!

Marshalle, Cleave, Sonya, Michelle, & Donna (USA & Bermuda), September 2014