Security Refund Guarantee

In spite of the recent terrorist inspired incident in Marrakech we feel Morocco continues to be a safe place for our clients to travel. Morocco is doing all they can to enhance the security of their beautiful country as they highly value and welcome visitors. We feel badly that our host country has been insulted by this despicable attack which resulted in the death of some of their own along with the visitors enjoying their hospitality.

Though we respect the US Government’s cautious travel advisories and cannot officially give contrary advice, we find that the current situation in Morocco demonstrates a continuing love and respect for their king and a welcoming environment for tourists. It is our desire is to serve our clients with integrity and to the best of our ability provide excellent service, but remain sensitive to your concerns about personal safety.

While being unable to truly guarantee that such incidents will not again occur, I have concluded from my research and observations from where I live with my family in Fes that it continues to be safe to travel in Morocco. Our regular drivers, office staff, and close friends in Morocco are continuing to monitor the situation.

Refund Guarantees – Security Issues

Discretionary cancellations:
If you become concerned about your personal safety, please contact us and we will make the best possible decision with you in regards to your planned visit to Morocco. If you decide to cancel, our normal Terms and Conditions will still apply with respect to the preparation expenses. We will, however, also do our best to recover and refund all we can of payments that have been made for anticipated lodging and transportation expenses.

If you decide to cancel your tour on your own initiative because of your personal concerns that things may eventually deteriorate in Morocco, our normal “Terms and Conditions” will apply.

Mandatory Cancellations:
If at any time, we conclude that travel offers an unacceptable risk, we will notify each of our clients and cancel tours. We will then give to each client a full refund including all deposits and payments made to us irrespective of any and all expenditures and expenses already undertaken.

We are praying that Morocco continues to provide a peaceful and welcoming environment in which you can experience this amazing country. If you have any questions, please ask!

Jeff Wilson
Founder / Director

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