Riads in Fes – Some thoughts

Perhaps the latest “buzz” in Morocco tourism has been the development of “Riads” in Marrakech and Fes. These traditional homes have been renovated into lovely “boutique hotels” and offer a wonderful stay in Morocco. But how do you choose the best riad to stay in?

Over the past few years, many of our Morocco clients have contacted us regarding riads that are listed high on Tripadvisor. From our experience, tripadvisor is a good resource for planning your trip, BUT IT IS NOT THE ONLY SOURCE. Just because a riad is ranked high on tripadvisor does not mean it is the best for your Morocco Tour. There are some riads that are very plain or in a “poor” location that are ranked well. Make sure you check multiple sites for gathering information on riads.

Choosing a riad may depend on the type of location you are wanting in Fes. For example, are you wanting a riad deep in the heart of the medina…allowing you to experience the ancient medina. Or are you looking for something located on the edge of the ancient medina for easy access? Some riads are 15 minutes walk down in the medina while others are on the edge…the choice is yours.

To me service is one of the keys to any lovely riads. Many of the top riads truly understand how to serve their clients. Are you looking for a 5 star service – then make sure you choose a riad with that reputation. If you are looking for a “homey” feel, then you don’t want one of the high-end luxury style riads.

Riads in Morocco are well worth staying in. We have chosen some of the top riads for our luxury clients. We have tested them over the past 8 years and our clients have been very happy. Enjoy your next stay in a riad in Fes.

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