Planning a Morocco Tour in 2012

As you are preparing to travel in 2012, be sure to include Morocco on your must-see list. Morocco has so much to offer, so as you think about where you would like to go, consider using one of these two tours to explore the richness of Morocco.

Best of Morocco

One of the most preferred and trusted luxury tours is the Best of Morocco Tour. This tour lasts 11 days and 10 nights and touches on the highlights of Morocco. In this tour you will visit Casablanca, the home of the largest mosque in North Africa, then move on to the spiritual capital of Morocco, Fes. In Fes you will be taken to see many sights that hold the ancient culture of Morocco. Since Fes is the religious capital of Morocco, you will be able to visit one of the oldest universities in the world, which now is a famous mosque for religious studies. You will be taken to the Roman Ruins of Morocco, the Sahara Desert to experience the deluxe Berber tents and the beauty of the largest sand dunes in the world, the gorges of the Atlas Mountains, and Marrakech. During your entire stay, you will be staying in the most luxurious and beautiful riads that Morocco has to offer. You can choose between 4 star riads and 5 star riads, depending on what is most affordable for you, as seeks to supply you with affordable luxury.

Authentic Morocco

Another one of our most reliable tours is the Authentic Morocco Tour. The first evening will be spent in Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco, in a luxurious riad. The next day, you will be transferred to Chefchaouen with a stop for lunch in the capital city, Rabat. Chefchaouen is known as the “blue city” of Morocco. It is a beautiful small town located in the Rif Mountains. The next day, you will head to Fes. This city is full of Moroccan history and culture. Its medina is one of the biggest and oldest in Morocco. After enjoying another free day in Fes, you will go to Erfoud and see the great Sahara desert. To finish your authentic tour, you will arrive in Marrakech, with a few stops at the gorges and Ouarzazate. There is an optional excursion to the small fishing town of Essaouira, a town known for its wood carving and beaches.

Don’t hesitate to plan an exciting Morocco Tour for 2012! You will not be disappointed with the incredible memories you will leave with. It is the experience of a lifetime that holds a learning experience along with adventure and luxury.

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