Planning a Morocco Holiday

What You Need to Know…

Morocco is a flourishing country in North Africa and while there is still a lot of unemployment and some areas of poverty, the country has improved it’s resources to tourists from around the world. This being said, Morocco has become a top tourist destination offering a wealth of well-preserved historical sites, an abundance of natural beauty and experiences to remember for years to come.

When to Travel
One of the decisions you need to make is the best time to travel. Morocco has a very warm climate as the more inland you go, the hotter it gets. The coastal areas benefit from the sea breezes that can ease the heat somewhat.

From November to March some parts of Morocco can be very wet with December and January being the coldest months, this is when you can see snow on the mountain tops and people flood to these mountains to spend their time snow skiing.

The best time to travel would be in the spring, when it isn’t too hot and yet it’s warm enough to enjoy every experience.

Plan Ahead
When planning a holiday to Morocco it’s advisable to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance. Also double check that your passport has at least six months still valid. Some countries such as the UK and USA do not need a visa and will be stamped at the airport on arrival.

The best way to experience Morocco is by booking with a tour company. This way you can ensure that you get to see all the sights without the hassle. It’s an affordable way to travel as you pay one price which includes all your travel and hotel accommodation.

Driving in Morocco can be frustrating when you don’t know the area or the roads, a tour operator will be able to get you to all the major sights leaving you relaxed to enjoy your experience.

Packing Your Bags
When packing for a Morocco vacation it’s advisable to pack light layers. Cool cotton trousers and shirts will be welcomed in the heat of the sun. The nights can be slightly cooler so one of two warmer tops can make a big difference.

Women: it’s important to pack clothing that respects the customs of the country which is mainly Muslim. Pack shirts with long sleeves, but are cool and long skirts or trousers for when visiting the major cities and towns, keep beach wear for the beach or hotel pool.

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