Our trip to Morocco was extraordinary!

Our trip to Morocco was extraordinary! 

Achraf took amazing care of us.  He found the best guides who were all born and raised in their respective towns.  He chose restaurants carefully and monitored our comfort daily.  The van was cleaned every night and he provided bottled water for us each day.  One time, he even ran to us at the ATM to make sure we were okay.  (I had timed out because I needed to check my currency app on the withdrawal amount.)  We also peppered him with questions about culture, religion, and history the whole time and he knew the answer to everything!  Like Linda mentioned, Achraf became a friend. 

Highlights include: tea in a nomad Berber tent, camel riding in the Sahara, seeing Fadh’s family home inside Ksar Ait-Ben Haddou, the gracious hospitality at Ksar el Kabbaba in Skoura, La Maison Arabe cooking class in Marrakech, meeting a woman at a well near Ouzzane, visiting market days in many small towns, meeting school children outside Mausolee Moulay Ali Cherif, the men who carried our bags up many steps at Dar Jasmine in Chefchaouen, Jardin Marjorelle, Villa Mandarine gardens, Atlas mountain breezes, rooftop breakfasts, a great night of sleep at Riad Madu, Volubilis ruins, Todra Gorge, date palm oasis, etc…

Morocco Tours provided exceptional service from the beginning.  We are so grateful we booked our trip with you.  I would enthusiastically recommend your company to any traveler. 

The following guides were top notch:  Abdul in Chefchaouen, Abdul in Volubilis, Chakib in Fes, Ali in the Fes Tannery, Yousef in Merzouga (4X4), Ibrahim in Erg Chebbi (camel), Karim at the wells, and Fadh at Ksar Ait-Ben Haddou. 

Again, Achraf carefully monitored everything for us and made sure our experience was incredible.  He made changes as needed to improve our experience.  After learning we were not able to sleep in Fes, he called ahead to Riad Madu to request they save us a quiet room. 

The only thing I can mention that was not positive was our room at Riad Salam Fes.  While the staff was so kind and accommodating, our room was extremely noisy.  Neither the room window nor the bathroom window had glass, so we were exposed to all the hotel lobby noise and alley noise including motorcycles.  Avoiding room #30 would solve that problem.  We did not complain while there because the staff was so good to us.  They were so, so kind during our stay. 

  • Margit C. (April, 2024)

This is Linda writing.  

Margit and I had a fabulous time on our trip.  It is hard to think in terms of highlights since each day brought a dozen surprises; collectively, the best parts of the trip for me were the days east of the Atlas Mountains in the Berber communities.

Achraf was absolutely the best. A++++  He was caring, funny, organized, and has become a good friend.  He could answer every question we had about culture, history, and logistics. We feel so lucky and blessed to have had him as part of our trip.  

Linda E. (April, 2024)