“Our Time in Morocco!”

We really had a wonderful time! Gigo and I are reflecting fondly on the trip especially since we are practically in lock down mode here at home.  It feels like our time in Morocco will be our last days of normal life for awhile.

Khalid [our driver] was exceptional.  The many wonderful conversations that we had along the way really made our trip.  We came to Morocco to see and experience a country that was very different from ours. Becoming good friends with Khalid was really at the center of that experience.  He helped us learn so much about the people of Morocco especially with respect to culture and values.  As we were leaving I kept on thinking about how much we all have in common.

We are very glad that we stayed in the riads.  Riad Fez was the most luxerious but the others were very nice as well.  And all a little bit different from each other.  They felt authentic; we woke up knowing that we were in Morocco.  I loved hearing the call to prayer in the morning. 

There were two dinners outside of our riads that were particularly noteworthy. One was at a small guesthouse in Fes, Dar Dor.  It felt like we had a real home cooked meal which was absolutely delicious.  The other was Terrasses Des Arts, which is owned by the owner of Riad Kniza and located just across the walkway.  It has a very contemporary feel to it. 

After almost two weeks of traveling we were ready for that.  We had dinner on the rooftop with a beautiful view of the medina.  The breakfasts were very good everywhere.  Usually we were served many different things.  It was great to have such a variety although I hated to see some of it go to waste.

The local guides that Khalid set up for us were all very good.  Not only were they very knowledgeable, but we felt that we got to know them as well. They helped make the places that we visited come to life.

The medinas were fascinating.  It almost felt like we were stepping back in time. By the end of the trip, however, I wanted to see more of life outside of the medina. Again we would have needed to plan on a longer trip. We liked our visits to the various artisans.

The sunset desert camel ride through the Sahara sand dunes was an unforgettable experience.  I think going out to the camp in the late afternoon and leaving the next morning as we did was the best way to do this.  As good as it was, we didn’t need to spend all day there.

Our last morning in Marrakech we went through the gardens La Mamounia and stayed for a drink which was really nice before we headed back to Casa.

Thanks so much for putting this trip together for us and we would definitely recommend you to our friends.


February of 2020