Nightlife in Morocco

Morocco located in Northern Africa is a favorite tourist attraction offering an abundance of sights, attractions and spectacular beaches. While this is an Islamic country, there are a selection of bars, nightclubs and restaurants which serve alcohol with the tourist in mind.

Marrakesh is probably the top spot where you will find a host of clubs and bars. The Medina (Old Town) offers a more traditional night time experience with street performers and snake charmers which can be found in Jemaa el Fna, the largest square in the Medina. There are bars inside the Medina walls which serve alcohol, but be sure you only drink indoors or on roof terraces, out of sight of the mosque. Remember that even though you are on holiday, you must respect the culture and religion of the people who live here.

If you head to Mohammed V Avenue you will find a host of bars and clubs, many of which stay open until the early hours for the tourists looking for a party atmosphere. From traditional Moroccan music and belly dancers to the party disco’s you would find at any international resort, Marrakesh offers it all.

If you are staying in Casablanca you will find a more conservative and calmer nightlife experience than in Marrakesh. Here most of the clubs are located within the international hotels.

Ain Diab is an area where you can find a host of bars and clubs playing all types of music from traditional Moroccan to soft Jazz. Bear in mind that some of the clubs in Casablanca do not serve alcohol, though the ones in the larger hotels do, again drinking only indoors.

One of the greatest experiences is wandering through the streets of a Medina in the evening as the sunsets and the stalls of the souks are still bustling, though many tourists have returned to their hotels and you get to enjoy a traditional Moroccan experience that you will not find anywhere else.

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