Tourists riding camels in sahara desert of Morocco

“My heart is so full after the trip!”

The highlight from our time in Morocco was my village trip. It was truly an emotional reunion with the people that I lived side by side with 27 years ago! Some things had changed (electricity and running water) but many had not. The people are so special there. I am so grateful we were able to go back and reconnect. 

Other highlights were: 

Marrakesh – The Riad Chernagi was my favorite of the places we stayed. It was beautiful. The service was excellent and felt like an Oasis in the middle of the medina

Family of 4 taking a selfie in Moroccan desert

The trip to Erfoud / Merzouga were also amazing. The overnight stay in the dessert was fantastic. Geoff and the girls could not get over the dunes. The camel ride was also amazing – just fun and very unique. 

The cooking class with Latifa was also fantastic. We made Rafeesa which was delicious and fun. It is a special dish that we gave to mom’s after they delivered their babies. To be able to eat it (twice – the hotel had it made for us in Marrakesh as well!) was awesome. We really enjoyed the whole experience of shopping in the souk and making all of it. 

For me, just driving through the country and the beauty of the mountains and villages is also amazing. My heart is so full after the trip!

Ali[our driver] was outstanding. He was punctual, polite and made a HUGE difference for the village trip. He spoke both Arabic and Berber. My language did not come back as well as I hoped so he was so helpful to communicate with everyone. He went above and beyond to help me find all my favorite foods and had great restaurant picks. He also helped me send clothes back to my village and they were calling him daily to check on me. He was awesome. Feel like he is part of the family now! 

I already have shared Morocco Tours and Experience It Tours it with all my former PC volunteers and others. 


June of 2022