Morocco Tours in December

Did you know that December is the highest season of the year for Morocco Tours? From Dec 22 until Jan 6, Morocco is flooded by travelers looking to enjoy the holidays in Morocco. We have learned a few lessons over the years for helping travelers enjoy Morocco Tours in December.

Book Ahead – Riads are full
Almost every year, we have clients who contact us in November to book their December Holiday. They want our best rated riads like the Riad Kniza OR Riad Maison Bleue! The only problem is that these top-rated riads have been fully booked for months. If you are really interested in traveling to Morocco in December, I advise you to start booking your Morocco Tour now.

Multiple Night Minimum
Another issue you may run into in Marrakech and Fes is that some riads have 5 night minimum stays. You may want to book on 3 nights in Marrakech, however, you will not be able to get your preferred riads because they require 5 or 7 nights. There are 2 solutions: Plan to spend more time in those cities OR search for a riad that does not require a minimum stay. We have had clients book 5 nights but only use 3 nights — they are willing to eat the cost.

Mandatory Dinners
Don’t be surprised if some of the hotels or riads offer mandatory dinners on Christmas or New Years. These expensive meals are supposed to be all-inclussive for the holidays…but they sure do add up. If they are required, you can either enjoy the meal OR skip out and hit the town somewhere else.

Over the past 9 years we have learned that booking Morocco tours in December can be tough if you don’t plan ahead. Contact us now for your December Tour information in Morocco.

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