Morocco Luxury Tour – The Real Morocco?

Are you looking to experience the real Morocco on your luxury tour or just visit it from a distance? Over the years, we have notices that there are different types of travelers who come on affordable luxury tours to Morocco. There are those who want to visit the destination of Morocco, but stay in their own little world. The other type are those who are looking to actually undertand the culture and experience the real Morocco.

A few tips of how to experience the real Morocco:
The first thing I would encourage you to do is to prepare your mindset! Moroccans are amazing people and very friendly. They love to have you into their home and share their hospitality with you. The media today has portrayed many Arabs as “extremists” yet most are not. Moroccans love foreign visitors and they love to share their culture with you.

Secondly, I would suggest that you ask for some of the extra cultural activities to be added to your visit. The first one that comes to mind in The Day in the Life of a Berber! Located about 120km outside of Marrakech, you will enjoy a hands-on experience in a small Berber village. Your host will teach you to make mint-tea, cook tagine over the coals, and make fresh Moroccan bread. For those who have done this cultural experience, they have thoroughly enjoyed it. If you would rather visit a local spa (hammam), local school or cooking lesson, just ask us…

The final thing I would suggest is to really get to know your driver. Hs is the key to opening the culture to you. Our excellent drivers are wonderful ambassadors of Morocco and they get excited to share their country with you. Ask them to show you the real Morocco and the little special things that are unique in Morocco. Whether it is a small but tasty restaurant or a local activity, make sure you allow your driver to help you see Morocco.

Do you want to see the real Morocco? Let us help you arrange your Morocco tour today!

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