“…Morocco is Morocco…”

We had a wonderful trip…Although, we all enjoyed it, we each had a different experience. I think it may have been the very best for me.

First, Morocco is Morocco. I thought it a fabulous country in 1968 on my first trip. Hence, the desire to return. It is the country which creates a really strong memory and pleasure.
As we were camping and had no money then, I never saw the inside of a hotel or a restaurant. Moroccan food was a spectacular discover. Very spicy; not at all hot. I never knew you could do that. The riads were a revelation, spectacular demonstrations of culture and art.

Second, my experience with you and Morocco Tours, in planning the trip, was very very good. You were personal, responsive, adaptive and less expensive than some other agencies. Meetings were on time; transport and accommodations comfortable and reliable, flexibility so gracious.

Third, our trip was most affected by our driver, Namir Mohammed. I have nothing but superlatives to relate. Namir’s English was excellent. I and my daughter speak French. Namir ran among Arabic, Berber, French and English with ease. Namir’s people skills are superlative. He is obviously a “people person,” who is able to adapt to and actually enjoy a variety of personalities. Namir is service oriented. He wanted us to have a good time. Whether he was building a wooden step stool to make my arthritic entrance into the van easier or was worrying about our health with special meat purchases or food advice when we left his surveillance, or driving carefully the switch back roads, it was clear that our comfort, safety and health were his primary concern. Finally, Namir had a knowledge, pride and flexibility that allowed him to gauge us and our encounter with his country to maximum advantage.

I realize that I am talking about general qualities, rather than specifics. There were so many experiences of discernment and adaptation and exuberance that I cannot list them. Namir was fabulous. The voyage came off without a hitch. We were very grateful for an intimate experience of Morocco with no worries.

Thank you!

Catherine (USA), March 2012