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One of the comments that we have received from some past clients is how many stairs there are in the traditional riads. They have asked if we had any accessible riads? Most of our Morocco tours are featured for all travelers, however, stairs have been a problem. We have recently found a great blog that features accessible travel in Morocco.

Please take a look at the new blog: This new site is devoted to information to help travels who have accessible travel needs. From sites to accommodations, this blog is an excellent source of information. Daniella is living in Marrakech and is constantly adding new information and developing the niche market of accessible travel in Morocco.

In the past we have hosted a number of clients in wheelchairs…they have thoroughly enjoyed their tours to Morocco. We have hired special pushers to help in the ancient medinas and have created accessible tours for them. Do you have someone who may be interested in this type of travel?

If you have questions about your next trip to Morocco, please contact us OR if you have someone who may want to visit Morocco, but with some extra help…please let us know.

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