May 23 – Weekend Events

Someone asked me for an update about the situation in Morocco…from where we sit, life is going on at a normal rate. We have not seen any sign of unrest…however…

I just read on the news that there were some more protests in Casablanca and Rabat – yet nothing was visible in our city of Fes. It appears that protesters wanted to set up tents in the main square across from the parliament…the authorities did not allow them.

As I talked with my friends, they said…”Demonstrations are a way of life in Morocco. They happen all the time and were happening in Rabat before all of this started with Tunisia and Egypt. Moroccan’s enjoy the freedom to march — we always have and this is not new.”

From the local point of view, this is just another weekend – with more people marching!

As far as our tours go, we have asked our drivers to avoid know areas of marches – but our travelers continue on as normal.

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