March 14 – Comments from Clients in Morocco

Some clients just stopped by the office in Fes today letting us know how much fun that they are having here in Morocco. They also wanted me to pass this note along from their firsthand experience here in Morocco:

PLEASE, PLEASE . . .Don’t miss out because you are concerned!! It is March 14, 2011 and we are five American women on our 3rd day traveling with Experience It! Tours. Some of us were a bit concerned about the political unrest that we read about in the news, but we want to reassure people with our first hand knowledge of visiting Morocco, that there have been no problems what so ever! There is no violence here! We have been walking the streets and we have not seen any violence or political unrest. We have felt extremely safe and well cared for by our guides and drivers. We have been impressed by the generosity and hospitality of the Moroccans that we have met along the way. Don’t miss out on this wonderful experience, as we are all safe and sound!

Leslie, Judy, Claire, Terri, and Jeannie

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