March 10 – Morocco Update

Morocco continues to prove that it is unlike the other countries in North Africa. From our vantage point in Fes, Morocco, the country continues to be stable and welcomes visitors into their lovely country. We continue to have tour groups arrive and our clients are happily enjoying Morocco as normal.

After discussion with my local friends, I realize that the people here love the King of Morocco and are not looking for his removal. Yes, there are people who are looking for some reform…and the King has been quick to try and work with these people who have raised valid concerns. That said, the country has taken huge steps forward over the last 10 years of the King’s rule.

To Recap: Morocco has given their people the rights to hold peaceful marches to voice their concerns. As an American, I believe that is a wonderful expression of freedom. This said, Morocco does not tolerate any violence or rioting. On Feb 20 & 21st, there was some unrest in the country — which the media really grabbed a hold of. Yes, there was some violence and some looting, but those people were not officially apart of the peaceful marches. The government has caught and tried many of those involved in these harmful activities. Morocco takes security very seriously and will not allow for this type of behavior.

Although we do not expect any political unrest like the other countries of North Africa, we have offered a SECURITY REFUND GUARANTEE to all of our clients. This guarantee will allow you to proceed with your travel plans with the full protection of getting your money back if something did happen. We do, however, suggest travel insurance for airfare and other costs unrelated to our services.

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