Group of female tourist in a scarf shop in Morocco

“It was a fabulous tour!”

Ladies taking a group photo in Morocco

Our group of seven women toured with Morocco Tours and Experience It Tours from May 6 to May 13, 2022 and we couldn’t ask for a better guide and driver than Ali and Abdul! The two of them made a wonderful team.

It was a fabulous tour, and I cannot recommend the company and Ali enough.  Ali was a wonderful guide and showed us the real Morocco.  He was knowledgeable, kind, thoughtful, funny, philosophical and dealt immediately with any issue that arose.  He even gave us each a welcoming packet filed with an assortment of wonderful gifts, including Moroccan money and a CD of Moroccan music.  Ali made sure that we were comfortable at all times and anticipated any needs we might have.  He also knew when something was important to us.  An example of this is when we visited a preschool in the medina in Fez and I mentioned my daughter had a preschool back home.  He made sure I had a picture with the teacher and students.   All seven of us agree that we could not have been more pleased with Ali as our guide.

Some highlights of the trip were the medina in Fez, the “blue” city of Chefchaouen, and a nightcap in Casablanca at Rick’s Cafe.  And, finally Ali always wore a traditional Jalabiya each day. 

We also appreciated staying in the Riads.  It was a perfect way to help us assimilate to the culture of Morocco. The Riad at Chefchaouen was not our favorite, but we loved Dar D’Or Fes and Riad Karmela.  Truly a delight to experience Moroccan hospitality and the wonderful food that was served.  We felt we were able to experience the culture of Morocco.

Our driver, Abdul, was always cheerful and helpful.  He did a wonderful job of driving us around Morocco and helping us with our luggage..

Finally, I am sure I speak for my travel companions when I say we would recommend your company without hesitation.  We had an amazing experience.  We were able to feel comfortable and safe in a country so different from our own with Morocco Tours. 

Thank you for putting together such a great tour.

Would you know we’re riding on the Morocco van?
Would you know we’re riding on the Morocco van?
You’re taking us to Chefchaouen, Volubilis, Fes, Marrakech, and Casablanca!
All aboard the van!
All aboard the van!

There is a guide named Ali,
He showed seven women all they could see,
In Morocco they found medinas, mosques, and mosaics,
So many sights too numerous to say,
So they must return another day!

Abdul, as a driver you do rule,
Constantly swerving around a mule,
Always arriving on time,
Making our drives just sublime!

To the Blue City and beyond,
Ali spreads his knowledge all around,
Ready to share his cultural histories,
Accepting all of our eccentricities!

Abdul is cheerful, never fearful,
Nerves of steel holding onto the wheel,
Patiently responding to our pleas,
For more and more and more AC!

Abdul drives with skill through the traffic blight,
Then we climb out of the van in wide-eyed fright,
Ali heads off scooters and bikes with aplomb,
Then snatches us smoothly from terrible plight!

We’re heading back to Casablanca now,
Our trip is almost over – Oh Wow!
What fun we had . . . Ali and Abdul Forever!

Ali and Abdul what a team,
They made our tour a sublime dream,
Abdul the master of weaving through traffic,
Ali the master of philosophical thought, the magic of storytelling,
Historical information woven with humor,
And all-encompassing information about all things Moroccan.

Thank you!!!


May of 2022