Getting Around Morocco

When you arrive in Morocco, you need to be able to get around and see everything this beautiful country has to offer. There are so many interesting and historical sights, monuments and ruins to explore and you need to be able to get to all of them from your hotel.

In our opinion the best way to travel through Morocco is with a reputable tour company. They will arrange your hotel, travel and ensure you see all the sights with a knowledgeable tour guide. Use a private company that enables you to travel with your family and friends and are not shoved on a large coach with a bunch of strangers. The tour company can create a private tour for your group.

The Bus
For the more budget conscious traveler, there is an abundance of buses in Morocco with the privately owned companies operating within the local areas, while the main networks run between cities and towns, giving you an affordable way to get from one place to another with ease.

Car Rental
Car rental is a little moe expensive way to travel in Morocco, but hiring a car in Marrakech or Casablanca can work out considerably cheaper because there is a high level of competition between the car rental companies. Remember that when hiring a car you are responsible for finding the sights on your own, which can leave you exhausted and frustrated and unable to enjoy all the area has to offer on arrival.

Train travel isn’t a big industry though there are two main train lines which can get you from one major city to another. The trains are comfortable and affordable with two classes to choose from. For long distance journeys there are cabins you can hire enabling you to sleep and relax before you arrive.

For the young at heart, if you’re staying in the city you may want to hire a bicycle, it’s important to know that there are no designated bicycle lanes in Morocco and drivers have no regard for bicycles, so it can be a rather dangerous option. You may be better off walking, which is a great way to ensure you don’t miss anything in the city you are staying in.

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