Fun Experiences in Morocco

Morocco is a wonderland filled with historical sights, tradition and natural beauty. There are so many fun experiences to explore when visiting this North African country. Perched on the Mediterranean ocean with stunning sandy shores and the Sahara Desert to the south, it’s no surprise Morocco has become a top tourist destination and a place you will not forget!

Beach Experiences
There are a wide selection of spectacular beaches in Morocco and when combined with the warm climate, these are a place to relax and have some family fun. Watersports are also very popular in this North African country from surfing and kite surfing to scuba diving and water skiing.

Camel Tours
Explore the Sahara Desert a different way, rather than driving in a car see the giant golden dunes on the back of a camel, visit the quaint villages and see the oasis towns. Camel tours are something you will remember and cherish for many years.

Almost every town in Morocco has a Medina. This is the old town complete with narrow passages and covered alleys. Its here you can soak up the traditional architecture and see some of the most spectacular mosques and historical buildings.

The Medinas are also home to the souks, the traditional market places. Set along the narrow passages are a colorful display of stalls selling a host of traditional items from jewelry to leather goods and perfumes to pottery.

Horse Drawn Carriages
If you’re in Marrakesh or Meknes, the best way to see the top sights is by horse drawn carriage. A fun experience for the whole family as your carriage takes you through the streets where you can soak up the sights and beautiful architecture.

Quaint Villages
Whether you’re travelling from Marrakesh to Rabat or you are just looking for a day out and about, stop in at some of the quaint Berber villages and be amazed at these quaint villages and traditional homes.

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