Exploring Casablanca in Morocco

Morocco is filled with magnificent and historical sights and Casablanca is one of the many areas that is rich in history and natural beauty. Casablanca sits on the Atlantic Coast offering spectacular views and a few choices of activities.

There are a couple of places you should visit when in Casablanca. You can’t go sightseeing without visiting the major sites, soaking up some history and experiencing the culture of the area.

Hassan II Mosque
The Hassan II Mosque is the largest religious monument in the world except for Mecca. This mosque has a superior 210 meter minaret, white granite columns, marble floors and beautifully carved wooden ceilings.

The mosque is a major tourist attraction where you can stand outside for hours just gazing at the remarkable architecture.

Museum of Moroccan Judaism
The Jewish Museum as it’s better known is found in a modern villa in Oasis, just outside the city center. The museum has exhibits showing 2,000 years of Moroccan Jewish history from traditional clothing and items to jewelery and so much more.

New Medina
The New Medina in the Harbor Quarter just south of the city of Casablanca is filled with modern architecture. The small streets are alive with traders. You can walk through the bustling streets and views a range of souks from leather goods to traditional items and souvenir stalls.

The Old Medina
The Old Medina in Casablanca is so easy to miss if you didn’t know it existed. It’s not as impressive as the other old medinas in Marrakesh or Fes, but it is worth the visit. There is a souk and you will enjoy strolling around the narrow streets and soaking up the history of the area.

The Royal Palace
The Royal Palace in Casablanca is an architectural masterpiece. Though you need to pick your day to visit with care. It is closed when the royal family is in residence. It’s advisable to confirm before arrival to avoid disappointment. When the family are away there are tours available enabling you to explore this magnificent palace.

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