“Experienced a huge variety of lodging styles!”

  • What were some highlights from your time in Morocco?

*Having grown up in Niger my favorite part of the tour was the camel outing and the night in the desert! 

*But the part that resonated most with me was that we experienced a huge variety of lodging options! I’ve worked in the architectural and construction industries for 20 years so it was a thrill to see the different styles: Dar, Casbah, Riad, and even a modern hotel. Icing on the cake was the architect/owner of the Riad in Marrakesh! It was fun to see what she/they had accomplished in the Riad and in the neighborhood. 

*Food- so much food. We made a great effort to try authentic options but we found that two meals for the three of us was about the right amount of food. 
*My husband enjoyed most that Yousef and the guides and hosts took care of everything. He was happy to not have to figure things out and to have to research what to see and where to go!

*His favorite spot/activity was the Casbah in the Oasis. You probably know this but it was very interesting to learn that the date palms were planted in the oases by Bedouins/Berbers as they crossed the desert in times past and kept the seeds of the dates they ate on the way to plant near the water holes they found. :] I had never heard that bit of history. 

  • How was your driver?

Youssef was great! We discovered that he has a bit of a dry humor that was fun to interact with.  He was very knowledgeable and a very careful and conscientious driver! We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with him. He also did a fantastic job of arranging on the fly. One day we were running very late (to get to the Roman ruins) but he made it work and even got us mostly back on schedule.  I would absolutely use his services again. 

  • How was our company’s service from initial inquiry to the moment that you left Morocco?  

You guys did a great job! Having the packet of materials to refer to helped me to stay on track and (I think) kept us from unintentionally insulting citizens/natives. 

Yes– I already have. . .  One other fun thing was traveling parallel to another small Morocco Tours group for a few days and being able to compare experiences. 

-Pamela D. (April, 2024)