Superlatives fail, or at best become redundant, in trying to convey the great pleasures we had in the 14 days you arranged for us in Morocco. Your responsiveness and receptivity to queries and concerns in the planning process set the tenor for every aspect of the trip: hand-offs in service were seamless; the tour guides were knowledgeable, engaging and communicated well, giving meaning and insight to the many sights and scenes; the dar and kasbah and riads were exceptional for combining “creature comforts” and service with meaningful cultural nuances.

But our most lasting impression and memory of the trip will be of the hospitality we encountered at every turn. We alluded to it in the first sentences, but it is easy to confuse professionalism with genuine hospitality – Morocco Tours and ExperienceIt! have both in abundance. It is reflected in the care and service we received from Hamid Zerhiri, our primary driver, and from Rachid, to whom we are grateful for filling in admirably for an unplanned need. Hamid helped make the country and culture come alive with his insights, wit, and seemingly endless patience, all generously shared; his demeanor, reliability, his uncanny ability to anticipate need – not to mention his driving skills – conveyed a greatly appreciated, understated, gentle sense of security. At trip’s end, we felt privileged to have spent time with him.

A special word of thanks to Aaron Johnson (ExperienceIt! Tours’ Morocco Manager in Fes) for his help when there was a delay in initial arrival of our luggage, and to Souad Nabih (reservation specialist) for her patient assistance when illness forced alteration in our itinerary. To know that there is responsive, in-country assistance when needed is tremendously reassuring. Similarly, we have the deepest gratitude for the staff of the Palais Amani for their genuine concern and hospitality, which considerably helped convalescence and gave comfort to us both.

We did not want further delay in sharing these overall sentiments with you, or turn this message into more of a magnum opus. Once we have downloaded the more than 700 photos taken and cleared a bit of jet lag, we will send on another message with a number of “top choices” and pictures. We would be pleased to be references for anyone contemplating using your services, and hope we will be able to be among your returning friends in the future.

Bob & Linda (USA), February 2013