“…exceeded our expectations!”

Yes, we are back in the “land of our birth ” after a nearly six week journey including eight days in Morocco! As usual, mixed feelings of joy and relief at being home…but real sadness of emptiness that the “party is over “! I wish to place on record (without any solicitation ) our gratitude and thanks to Namir who “exceeded our expectations”. His personal qualities include punctuality, grooming,van presentation, driving skills underwrote his professional performance. In this, he was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, caring…we could have been his “mother and father” for the real tenderness and concern he showed to us in word and deed every day.

We recall with fondness the night in Marrakech when Barbara and I expressed our wish to Namir to attend/explore the vibrant night square on our own and make our own way back late in the evening to the Riad in the Medina. He was so worried about our safety and comfort that he kindly offered to wait up all night to ensure we got home safely -his genuine look of joy and relief and greeting next morning when we strolled into the car park to meet him brought a tear to our eye. He walked the extra mile -having a broken bag fixed, sending an urgent email to OZ that was not sent by an earlier high priced hotel-nothing was impossible or beyond the scope of his duties.He truly allowed us to “ExperienceIt!!!!”

Peter & Barbara (Australia), May 2013