Rachael Morocco tour

“Each city was magical!”

head and face covered lady tours Morocco

Happy to share my experience! The trip was amazing and far exceeded my expectations! I am sure Akilan will say the same thing.

Each city was magical and had its own vibe that delighted and surprised me- from the pulsating Rabat, bustling Fes, laidback Essaouira, and the frenetic Marrakech. 

I loved visiting each of the city’s old town areas, exploring the local artisans crafts, and learning about the history & culture of each city.  I found the Moroccan people to be welcoming, warm, and accommodating.

The mosques and architecture were so beautiful as was the scenery. Particularly fun for me was the camel ride. 

The Riads were breath taking and made me feel like a princess.  Not to mention all the delicious local cuisine. The food was delicious and I tried many dishes I have never eaten before- all were amazing.

Mr Laaboussi[our driver] was amazing. He was informative, engaging, and thoughtful.  He offered recommendations that enhanced our experience. I felt safe in his care and it was clear to me he was always looking out for our best interests.  We were connected with other guides in some of the cities we visited but continually felt at ease when he was with us.  He quickly gained our trust and friendship.  He always had a welcoming smile and is a true ambassador for his country. I highly recommend using his services in the future!  

I have enjoyed working with you all.  You have been accommodating to all of our requests and inquiries. You selecting the most beautiful Riads and connected us with a driver & guides who made our experience a lifetime of memories. 


May of 2022