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Don’t you hate it when you are trying to search on the web, and you can’t find what you are looking for! When trying to get information about Morocco it is especially bad because half to three quarters of your results come from big automated websites with the same info every one else has. It can get really frustrating. This commercial by Bing in regards to Hawaii made me laugh because it is similar to the results you find when you try and Google (or Bing) information related to Morocco.

After being Morocco internet junkies for several years now, we built a customized search engine (via Google Custom Search) to create the first (That we know of) custom English Morocco search engine.

How does it work?

We picked the best of the best blogs/sites/twitterers about Morocco in the English language to populate our search results. That means when you search for something your results will come from someone or some source that actually knows Morocco from living here, working here or reporting specifically on Morocco. You can check out the Best of the Best list of sites below (organized by category)


The websites that are included in this list are:

Morocco (General)

1. Friends of Morocco: Another of the granddaddy of Moroccan sites, this sites features all things Morocco, including a great list of annotated links.

2. Vagabond Morocco: Written by a self proclaimed Vagabond, this blog chronicles the authors travels around the world, but includes many detailed entries about life, culture, travel and cities within Morocco including his marriage ceremony to a Moroccan.

3. Ibn Ibn Battuta: The Morocco portion of the blog chronicles the authors time in Morocco from 2008-2009 and includes lots of photos, best of Morocco lists, and guides to cool things to do in Morocco like learning derija.

4. L’Amandier Marrakech: The blog chronicles the development of some luxury villas in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, and includes many detailed posts about the author’s experiences in Morocco.

5. Wanderlust: The blog chronicles the American author/designer’s journey to Morocco and her experiences therein as she works exporting Moroccan artisan products abroad.

6. Evelyn in Morocco: This blog is described as an Expat’s observations & commentary on life in Morocco. The writing is detailed as the author takes you into daily life in Morocco- one great sample is here entitled “Daily Economics.”

7. Moroccan Design: This site is the story of an American woman’s love of Moroccan design and culture. Classic posts include Music Festivals in Morocco and Modern Rabat.

8. The Elephant Cloud: Travel Blog with 26 posts on Morocco including posts on Chefchaouen, The High Atlas, Fez & More.

9. Flickr Morocco: Flickr group pool of Moroccan pics from all over the country.

10. Morocco Insights: Articles on Moroccan People, History, Economy and more.

Marrakech Area

11. My Marrakech: An American in Marrakech blogs on style, Moroccan experiences and excellently crafted descriptions of people she meets. The photos on this site are incredible as well, this is the type of site that makes everyone wish they could capture the essence of an experience with words/pictures the way the author does.

12. Wine Writer– This blog chronicles luxurious past times in Marrakesh and includes the authors experiences from over twenty years in Morocco. The author also runs Expat Abroad in Morocco which deals with expat issues and experiences in Morocco.

13. Life in Marrakesh: The author is trilingual, born in Morocco with Californian parents, went to university in the US and now lives in Marrakesh with her husband and children. The blog chronicles the happenings of life in Marrakesh.

14. The Good Life in Morocco: Described as an English Guide to Marrakech, the blog is run by a woman and her family who are renovating a guest house. She also runs a boutique and displays items and descriptions on the site.

Meknes Area

15. Riad Felloussia, Meknes Blog: A great blog and guide to Meknes, Morocco, the author runs the Riad Felloussia, and uses the blog to introduce e-visitors to Meknes and the region there around. They also feature the best Meknes resource list that I have seen.

16. Meknes Video Feed: This is from Google video search and includes both professional and amateur videos about places & issues in Meknes. Results include this informational video hosted on and even a of what it would be like to eat brain in for dinner in Meknes in this video hosted on Youtube.

Fes Area

16. A View From Fez: The granddaddy of Morocco blog, this blog details life in Fez, Morocco News and commentary on trends related to Morocco.

17. Pres Du Puits: The happenings of a French family who lives in a mud brick home just outside of Fes. The blog is really well written and contains detailed entries of places in Morocco, like the story of Hotel Lincoln in Casablanca

18. Everything Morocco: Although it is unusually formatted, this blog offers exquisite detail in the life of an expat living in Morocco and feature posts on driving in Fes, tourist/Moroccan interactions, and even research in Morocco.

19. Culture Vultures Fez: The unofficial cultural agenda and newsletter related to Fez.

20. Fez Guide: A trendy guide to Fez including creating their own Fez monopoly game!


32. Tangier Telegram: Its now defunct, but this is a top-notch guide to Tangier Morocco.

High Atlas Area

8. High Atlas News: The blog is seldom updated these days, but by digging through the archives you can find great info about traveling to the High Atlas area of Morocco.

46. High Atlas Foundation: Foundation that works for the development of communities in the High Atlas.

21. Imlil: This website bills itself as helpful information for travelers, climbers and mountaineers related to Mount Toubkal and the surrounding area.

Moroccans Abroad

14. Laila Lalami: The Moroccan author, who has a Ph.D in linguistics, has written for the Boston Globe, the LA Times, The Nation, & The NY Times as well as two books. The blog contains her views on world events and especially media, law & politics in Morocco. Besides Ms. Lalami’s well crafted writing style, reading her vantage point as a trilingual Moroccan female living in the United States and educated in Rabat, London & Los Angeles is a fascinating look into the world of Moroccan politics.

29. Cabalmuse: The Blog of a Moroccan poet turned world traveler the blog does extensive commentary on Moroccan international relations and politics. The author writes lucidly and in depth political opinion pieces about events in Morocco like Morocco’s relationship with the Western Sahara or the Moroccan diaspora.

Moroccan Property & Investment

7. Moroccan Property: From the crew at the View from Fez, this is a self described guide to all things for an expat who is interested in buying Moroccan property.

11. The Builder’s Guide to Marrakech: The blog is run by a Brit (married to a Moroccan) who lives in Marrakech and works as a real estate agent and developer for expats wishing to purchase & rehab riads. The photos are great, and the knowledge authentic.

38. @Morocco_invest: Moroccan investment news as well as all things Moroccan.

Fullbright/Peace Corp Experiences

17. Aesthetic of Lostness: The blog describes itself as a commentary on travel and culture. The Morocco section of the blog is one Fulbright Scholars experience studying and living in Morocco.

23. Oclynn in Morocco: An early retiree’s journeys in Morocco as part of the peace corp.

31. The A La Menthe: Reflections on Morocco from a former peace corps worker.

34. [email protected]: Peace Corp Volunteer blog from Zagora Morocco

36. Reflections and Experiences in Al Maghreb Al Aqsa: Peace corps blogger who works in Morocco in health services.


19. Bisahha: An anthropologists stories of her research related to mental health in Morocco.

45. Al Andaluz: Genealogy records of Moroccan families.

47. NationMaster Morocco: The best collection of statistical links on Morocco on the web.

49. Historical Text Archive Morocco: 21 historical texts on Morocco and its major events.The texts including letters from the French to Moroccan pirates, the 1836 Treaty of Peace between Morocco and the US, and the Algeciras conference of 1906.

Moroccan Cooking & Language

20. SouSou Kitchen: Awesome Moroccan cooking blog with lots of pics or videos detailing how to cook Moroccan cuisine. In addition to traditional recipes, the author also includes a list of Choumicha recipes (the Moroccan version of Rachel Ray or Paula Dean), and our personal favorite, beef tagine with prunes.

30. Speak Moroccan Arabic: Online lessons for Moroccan Arabic- a great introduction to Moroccan Arabic with both grammar & vocab lessons. Possibly the best aspect of the site is the forum where you can both ask and answer questions with fellow students.


25. Morocco Board: News board updated daily with info on grassroots Morocco, books, classifieds, events & more.

26. Morocco Times: “An open window to what is going on in Morocco and all over the world” the blog details Morocco happenings related to politics, festivals, economy & society.

27. Maghreb in English: “A collaborative effort aimed at promoting intelligent conversation about North Africa and the Sahel.” All the news isn’t about Morocc per se, but focusing on North Africa and in English it makes accessible news and information that has traditionally be reserved for those fluent in French or Arabic.

28. Global Voices Morocco: A community of bloggers who report on the blogs and citizen media from around Morocco.

37. @TopMorocco: Twitter feed broadcasting news & links on Moroccan economy, news, jobs, real estate & travel

40. @MoroccoNewsline: Twitter stream for all Moroccan news.

41. @Morocco_ : News and updates on Morocco

42. Marweb Morocco: Morocco News & Press Reviews

43. Morocco Daily: Conglomeration of News feeds related to Morocco from many sources around the web.

44. Maghred Arab Press: The official Moroccan press (in English).

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