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May 23 – Weekend Events

Someone asked me for an update about the situation in Morocco…from where we sit, life is going on at a normal rate. We have not seen any sign of unrest…however…

I just read on the news that there were some more protests in Casablanca and Rabat – yet nothing was visible in our city of Fes. It appears that protesters wanted to set up tents in the main square across from the parliament…the authorities did not allow them.

As I talked with my friends, they said…”Demonstrations are a way of life in Morocco. They happen all the time and were happening in Rabat before all of this started with Tunisia and Egypt. Moroccan’s enjoy the freedom to march — we always have and this is not new.”

From the local point of view, this is just another weekend – with more people marching!

As far as our tours go, we have asked our drivers to avoid know areas of marches – but our travelers continue on as normal.

May 9 – Protest Against Terror

Yesterday, according to the news, a few thousand Moroccan marched in Marrakech against the terrorism attack that they had in their city a few weeks back. It was peaceful demonstration.

Morocco continues to try to move forward despite the recent events – the local people are looking for a bright future.

From a safety point of view, Morocco appears to be as normal as always. Tours are continuing each day, as May is one of the high seasons of Morocco tourism. I talked with a client on Friday here in our Fes office and they encouraged people to “Come to Morocco — they feel no concern”. They are having a great time.

If you have any questions, please contact us

April 29 – Morocco Shocked

Yesterday, on 28th of April, Marrakech was shocked by a blast that was detonated in the Argana Restaurant near the Jemaa El Fna. From our perspective in Fes, Morocco was working so hard to maintain a positive image with all the unrest in the region. The bomb blast obviously is another setback.

We actually had clients in Marrakech on the day and others traveling there…they continued with some fear — but it turned out to be ok. We have had a number of emails and phone calls from clients asking about the safety…

My Moroccan friends are upset by the incident and telling me that Morocco is working hard for security. They are confident that it will continue to stand firm even though this has happened. We are praying that this is the truth.

Should you still visit Morocco? We are watching the next few days to see if there is any other action — hopefully this is a one off event. We would encourage you to take your time and decide for yourselves…

April 20 – Come and Visit

This past week in Morocco continues to be: “Life as normal.” There is no sign of unrest and we have tons of visitors in Morocco. Because of the unrest in all of the other North Africa countries, Morocco has become the “safe” country! We have received many travelers who were booked for the other countries but have come to Morocco because it is secure. Please read on tripadvisor what our clients are saying about their times and the situation in Morocco. If you are interested in experiencing Morocco, now is the time…

April 8 – Prince Charles Visits Morocco

Living in the Fes medina is always full of surprises…2 days ago some of our clients were drinking tea on the Talaa Kabira (main street in the Fes Medina) and who should walk past…Camilla! Yes, Camilla of Prince Charles. The King had hosted Prince Charles in Morocco for a few days and Camilla was enjoying a visit to our wonderful city.

As we consider the safety of Morocco — I guess if Camilla is able to walk around Fes and enjoy the exotic city…then it seems very much safe for the normal traveler.

As we look forward to another weekend, Morocco seems to be back to its normal self. Come and enjoy this amazing country.

April 1 – Morocco as normal

As April comes around, Morocco seems back to its normal self. People are all excited about the new changes they are hearing about from the King and looking forward to the future of Morocco. Our clients continue to arrive in Morocco; feeling safe as they go. Richard just wrote:

“From our point of view we arrived in the country with mixed feelings having seen the troubles in North Africa and the Middle East.  They were centre stage in our mind.  Our friends were advising caution and felt they should look elsewhere.  We ignored there advice as we also relied on the statements coming out of the USA State department, the UK Foreign Service and most important of all the Australian DFAT travel advice. Here the advice had not changed since November 2010 so we felt we should proceed.   Our trip was safe, felt safe and we did not have cause at any point even to consider this issue.  We did see a small demonstration in Casablanca but it was orderly and we were milling around Casablanca’s town centre square as if nothing was happening.” You can read their entire review here.

From our point of view at our office in Fes, Morocco is back to normal life.

March 21 – Peace Remains

On Sunday, March 20th Morocco successfully held PEACEFUL protests. In some of the cities there were folks who gathered to ask for reforms within the government. Unlike other countries in the the region, there were no acts of violence in these demonstrations. They gathered for a few hours and then dispersed without any incidents.

Overall there is a continued love for the king. Peace remains in the streets. And life continues on as normal. We have clients continuing to arrive on a daily basis. As they stop by our office they express that they are greatly enjoying their tour and wanting to reassure us that they feel extremely safe here in Morocco.

Although we do not expect any political unrest like the other countries of North Africa, we have offered a SECURITY REFUND GUARANTEE to all of our clients. This guarantee will allow you to proceed with your travel plans with the full protection of getting your money back if something did happen. We do, however, suggest travel insurance for airfare and other costs unrelated to our services.

March 14 – Comments from Clients in Morocco

Some clients just stopped by the office in Fes today letting us know how much fun that they are having here in Morocco. They also wanted me to pass this note along from their firsthand experience here in Morocco:

PLEASE, PLEASE . . .Don’t miss out because you are concerned!! It is March 14, 2011 and we are five American women on our 3rd day traveling with Experience It! Tours. Some of us were a bit concerned about the political unrest that we read about in the news, but we want to reassure people with our first hand knowledge of visiting Morocco, that there have been no problems what so ever! There is no violence here!

Morocco King Announces Reform

On Tuesday, the King of Morocco announced that there will be constitutional reform in Morocco. You can find a write-up from

This reform is welcomed by many and goes to show that Morocco continues to make steps forward to become a better nation.

As we look forward to the weekend, there have been rumors of other peaceful marches, but nothing has been confirmed since the King’s speech. Yesterday, I was drinking tea with a friend in the medina, and we once again discussed the safety of Morocco and how the King was working very hard to build Morocco into a leading nation in North Africa.

March 10 – Morocco Update

Morocco continues to prove that it is unlike the other countries in North Africa. From our vantage point in Fes, Morocco, the country continues to be stable and welcomes visitors into their lovely country. We continue to have tour groups arrive and our clients are happily enjoying Morocco as normal.

After discussion with my local friends, I realize that the people here love the King of Morocco and are not looking for his removal. Yes, there are people who are looking for some reform…and the King has been quick to try and work with these people who have raised valid concerns. That said, the country has taken huge steps forward over the last 10 years of the King’s rule.

To Recap: Morocco has given their people the rights to hold peaceful marches to voice their concerns. As an American, I believe that is a wonderful expression of freedom. This said, Morocco does not tolerate any violence or rioting. On Feb 20 & 21st, there was some unrest in the country — which the media really grabbed a hold of. Yes, there was some violence and some looting, but those people were not officially apart of the peaceful marches. The government has caught and tried many of those involved in these harmful activities. Morocco takes security very seriously and will not allow for this type of behavior.

Although we do not expect any political unrest like the other countries of North Africa, we have offered a SECURITY REFUND GUARANTEE to all of our clients. This guarantee will allow you to proceed with your travel plans with the full protection of getting your money back if something did happen. We do, however, suggest travel insurance for airfare and other costs unrelated to our services.

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