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“We are so glad…”

Saraha experience (1)Well, we have returned home and back to a some what normal life. Already our first shipment from Morocco has arrived just as promised by the rug merchant. Everything our driver promised as happened. We were somewhat anxious as you always hear stories but this was not the case. One more shipment to come but that will not be for another couple of months as the patio table we ordered is being made.

Can not say enough good things about Ryad, our driver. Deb and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for his services during our Morocco trip!

Top Moroccan Attractions

Morocco is a top tourist destination for a reason. This north African country welcomes travelers from around the globe throughout the year who come to see the spectacular scenery, soak up the history and culture and enjoy relaxing days lying on some of the most magnificent Mediterranean beaches.

Volubilis is an ancient Roman town, which dates back to the third century BC. Here you can wander around and get a sense of what it must have been like all those centuries ago. The ruins are well-preserved and you can clearly make out the triumphal arch, the basilica and the temple, just to name a few of the amazing ruins which still stand today.

This picturesque mountain town is a very popular tourist destination. Set on the Rif Mountains, this town has a fantastic Medina and all the buildings are white washed, making it absolutely spectacular.

Meknes is an imperial city in Morocco and is close to Volubilis. This city is brimming with attractions from the stunning palace to the beautiful zoological gardens and the royal stables to the mausoleums. There are so many historical attractions to experience in this Moroccan city.

Todra Gorge
Located in the High Atlas Mountains, Todra Gorge will take your breath away. The cliff canyons are picture perfect offering some of the most phenomenal views of the surrounding area and a popular stop for those who love hiking and rock climbing.

Draa Valley
The Draa Valley is also found in the High Atlas Mountains and is a scenic area filled with quaint Berber villages. Whether you want to go hiking or visit some of the villages, you will love this area of Morocco.

Erg Chebbi
One of the highlights when visiting Morocco is the famous Sahara Desert. Erg Chebbi is one of the highest sand dunes in the area soaring 150 meters and gleaming in golden sand, an absolute must to see when in the area.

Morocco Infographic

We created an infographic on interesting facts on Morocco. If you want to share it, code is at the bottom which you can use.

MoroccoTours.org Business Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in the Morocco Tours Business Scholarship. Unfortunately we have decided to discontinue the scholarship for 2014.

We appreciate all those who have applied for the scholarship and hope the those who have received monies for studies will truly succeed.

Jeff Wilson

Partnerships with Special Interest Groups

Morocco Tours values the many different reasons people come to Morocco. With that in mind, we have extended discounts to the following special interest groups:

Geology Researchers: We will help you navigate the setting up of your research oriented trip. In addition we will extend a 5% discount on our services to those doing geological research.

Birding Tours: We will help arrange the details of your bird watching trip as well as extend a 5% discount to you or your group.

University Student & Faculty Specials

I’d like to find new ways to connect young Americans to young people all around the world, by supporting opportunities to learn new languages, and serve and study…. That’s always been a critical part of how America engages the world…. Simple exchanges can break down walls between us…. When that happens mistrust begins to fade and our smaller differences no longer overshadow the things that we share. And that’s where progress begins.”

President Barack Obama at a Student Roundtable, Tophane Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey, April 7, 2009.

“There is an urgent need for young people from the Middle Eastern and North African region and young people from the United States to understand each other’s realities and cultures.”

AIESEC- the world’s largest student-run organization.

In light of the need to foster greater cultural and linguistic understanding between the United States and the countries of North Africa, Morocco Tours has partnered with select American universities to offer 7% discount on all travel arrangements for customers with a student or faculty ID from partner institutions. If you represent an institution interested in partnering with us, please contact zach [at] moroccotours [dot] org.

photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/talkephotography/5135786538/

Fantastic Story Weaver Awards

Take a stroll through Jmaa Al Fnaa, the main square in Marrakesh, and you will be sure to run across one of the legendary story weavers. Their enticing and dramatic tales are certain to draw any passerby into the circle. In addition to our love for Morocco at Morocco Tours, we also enjoy a spell-binding travel account.

So, without further ado we are proud to present our own Story Weaver Award Winners. After reading hundreds of blogs and writers over the years we have come up with our Top 40 Storytellers. We are sure that regardless their skin color, language or nationality, these wordsmiths must surely be related to some of the original Marrakshi verbal craftsmen. Therefore, each one of them has been honored with our story weaver award.

You won’t want to miss a single word as these narrators take you out of your seat and around the world with them.

International Cuisine

1. Daniel Roy and Helene Cormier-Rich in details, beautiful writing, dramatic explanation, and intoxicating illustrations, Daniel Roy and his traveling partner, Helene Cormier recount their food explorations from three diverse regions. Roy describes the tasting of foreign foods as “the act of ancestral trust.” Let’s face it, food is half of the purpose in travel, why not taste in style? Be sure to take a look at this post for a helpful lesson in national cuisine and appropriate dining conventions. You can catch them on their blog or follow them on Twitter @backpackfoodie.

2. Eva and Jeremy Rees– The authors of Forks and Jets, they detail their adventures as self-described amateur foodie traveloguers going around the world.  Their unique backgrounds bring a refreshing twist to the table when it comes to travel. The pictures on their blog are as compelling as the words!  Take a gander at their blog or visit them on Twitter @forksandjets.

3. Alkila and Patrick Cherry amaretto granola, carciofi ripieni (stuffed artichokes), sweet potato soufflé…is your appetite whetted yet? If not take a look at the images that go along with that list. Alkila and Patrick provide readers with a refreshing perspective on the intersection of food and travel. Passivity is not the name of the game with these two. The pair has gone beyond critiquing and delved into the preparation of decadent food for themselves, while sharing their recipes with readers. Whether you are able to voyage to the same locales or not, be liberated in cooking alongside them and testing authentic recipes from around the world in your own kitchen. Tomato lovers don’t miss the opportunity to create your own goat cheese stuffed tomatoes. The title alone should have you drooling.  Take a look at the blog for yourself or stop by their Twitter @theroadforks.

Central America

4. Joshua Berman The Tranquillo Traveler. Mr. Berman is an expert on Central America. His blog is a combination of his own writing, links to stories he has written in other publications and summarization of other interesting travel related articles on Central America. You can also read through his adventure of a honeymoon where he traveled around the world.

5. Rosalind Cummings Yeates- The Far-Sighted Fly Girl is a full time freelancing journalist who writes on culture, travel and style. Her blog specializes in Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. Want to get a taste of her writing? Read through the Travel Adventure section  of her blog to check out some of the fun she has had while traveling.  After reading through her blog take a look at her Twitter page as well @farsightedgirl.

South America

6. Matt Ridgway– Although Mr. Ridgway is not a vocational travel writer, his blog Corrugated City, reveals the beauty of Chile in the city of Valparaiso. The writing is foremost honest- there are no hidden sales pitches, no romantic idealism or flowery language, but there is a genuine love for the people and culture of Chile along with great pictures and in depth helpful information from an expat who has made Chile his home.

7. Vicky Baker– The author of the Going Local Travel blog is a freelance travel journalist originally from the UK who now bases out of Argentina and Montreal. Ms. Baker does a great job of connecting her posts on the blog with other places she has written professionally (like the Guardian) to give the reader a full picture of the destination or event she is describing.


8. Liz LeddenA Girl In Asia: Written from Vietnam this blog features descriptions of Saigon cafes, writing on expat life in Vietnam (like How to have a baby in Asia) and her travel adventures. Our favorite post so far: Bangkok Weekend of Arts and Eats.

9. Kiley Ariail Her online home is Go Vivi Go and since we are a sucker for great photographs you will see why we chose this storyteller to add to our collection. The Oregonian author writes from Northern China. Topics frequently covered are she and her family’s life and travels, general life in China, and her photography. Great post to “Sample”: The Kyrgyz at Lake Karakul and the Karakoam Highway .

10. Lilliane-Ditching the conventional life for the world, this blogger has allowed us to become a part through her descriptions and images. Lilliane doesn’t just stick to lateral exploration however; some of her excursions go a little deeper. Enjoy reviewing some of her dive trips to various Asian coasts, along with underwater images. Be sure to check out her scuba trip in Malapascua.  Along with her blog, Lilliane also has Twitter @wanderlass.


11. Karen BryanEt al from European Ala Carte: Started in 2006 with the purpose to inform, inspire and entertain travel-loving readers. One of our favorite posts was The Best of Vienna Travel Tips because of the large, beautiful pictures and the authentic local knowledge the writers use.

12. Spotted By Locals– We love this site! On the ground locals around Europe relaying the details about life in their cities that only locals would know. For example, read the post on “Best Panzerotti in Milan” to get a taste of the writing on the site.  Visit them on Twitter as well @spottedbylocals.

13. Anne Ditmeyer– A graphic designer with a love for travel (and a writing gift as well), she makes her online home at Prêt a Voyager We love the series of interviews on how people travel & the travel guides for Paris. You will see when you read her writing, she really has power to take you into the places she is visiting. Check out 28 Hours in London for a sample.  Take a look at her on Twitter @pretavoyager.


14. Angela Nickerson The Gypsy Guide. Ms. Nickerson has published two books on Rome, her blog definitely reflects her love for Italy. As of this writing Ms. Nickerson had published 70 posts on Rome alone, so if you are an Italy lover, be sure to subscribe to her RSS feed.

15. Robin Locker Lacey: My Mélange: A passionate lover of Italy and other European destinations, Robin’s writing is infused with gorgeous pictures see here: Easy French Appetizers, Along the Via Guiulia in Rome, as well as mouth watering recipes like Clafoutis.

16. Suzy Guese– This fiery redhead sheds an opinionated and refreshing light on the world of travel. Refusing to succumb to the conventions of traveling with a backpack, Suzy recounts the obstacles and comedies that come with employing “real luggage.” This inspired writer depicts her passion for Italy through every day, simple events that won’t be found in your latest edition of Frommer’s. Living in Italy without going broke is one of her more helpful subjects. Take a look at Suzy’s blog and plan your next trip to Italy!  Don’t forget to look at her Twitter page @suzyguese.

Themed Travel

17. Lara Dunston– Ms. Dunston writes professionally for various guidebooks and magazines like National Geographic, Lonely Planet and Fodors, as well as online at her Cool Travel Guide blog. Authenticity, transparency and care for the cultures and peoples she visits resound through her posts. In 2010 she is traveling from holiday home to holiday home around the world and chronicling the journey on Gran Tourismo.  Take a look at her on Twitter @lauradunston.

18. Brian Seltzer-Ever considered traveling cross-country motorcycle style? Get a practice run with Brian as he journeys from Texas to Alaska to California. The roadside is a little different from his perspective. His unique encounters range from attending the outlandish Burning Man to passing through picturesque Yellowstone Park. Possessions are few but experiences are vast on his trek through the States.  Ride over and take a look at Brian’s Twitter @bikeandboots.

19. The Longest Way Home– You have just arrived in the Philippines! No wait, that’s just an image on your computer, illustrating a scene of the local boats coasting across the clear as glass water, beneath an iridescent skyline, and rich emerald mountains with their arms wrapped around the entire image. The enthralling descriptions and breathtaking photography of the seasoned blogger captures not only a scene but the true essence of individual cultures. This traveler is not merely seeking pleasure in his explorations, but a new home. He claims he has found it within his blog. All are welcomed inside, so pull up a chair and grab a cup of Joe while you explore each “room” in one of the more descriptive and thorough travel blogs yet.

20. Ana O’ Reilly-Travel alongside Ana, a native Argentinean, as she tours the world with her native Welsh husband, Sean. Although their journey is career driven, Ana shares their experiences in a refreshing light. Don’t miss a hearty laugh and pretty accurate culture review in “Style Face Off: Dallas vs. Toronto” . Also check out her Twitter page @anaoreilly

21. Carolyn McIntire– Girl Solo in Arabia qualifies as one of the more intriguing themed travels on our list.  Embarking on her trip in Tangiers, Morocco, Carolyn will journey through 46 different  Arab countries.  The goal of her quest: following in the footsteps of the famed, Islamic scholar Ibn Battuta.  However, Carolyn is making her trip 700 years later in the hopes of recreating the prior traveler’s experience.  Trek alongside her as she continues her journey, no really, not just on her blog.  A list of upcoming ventures is posted on her site and she welcomes fellow globe-trotters!

22. Peter Neville-Hadley– Although most travel for pleasure, Hadley finds himself en-route for business.  His cunning and professional experience in hundreds of locales provides a bit of humor along with helpful information.  Hadley’s list of writing background overseas runs a mile long.  Although his compositions lean towards the cynical side, there are practical and informative references made available to the public.

23. David Stanley– An expert on travel guides and one of the author’s of the first Moon Handbooks in the South Pacific, David Stanley has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to travel.  With a theme of budget, his many written editions have enabled an entire generation to escape the confines of finances and explore the world.  One of our favorite posts is “Tahiti Travel Tips”.


24. Sean McLachlan– The Grizzled Old Traveler is a specialist in history and travel. His writing includes guidebooks Missouri, Phoenix, Byzantium and more. In fact, we would take a bet that McLachlan is the only author to have ever written a book on outlaws in Missouri and the history of Byzantium . We picked this writer for his posts on topics (with great pictures) on Snow in Madrid , and Teaching Children to Overcome Fear.

25. Paul Mattesini & The Writers at EF Tours Blog– In a world of commercial blogs that turn into promotional fluff, EF Tours Blog is a breath of fresh air. Rather than promoting locations and their own services in superficial and self important tones, these writers make you feel like you are actually on an educational tour with them, and by their writing, it’s the kind of tour you would go on again and recommend to your friends. Some of our favorite posts are Traveling through Paris: My favourite metro station and Why Students Should Tour Central Europe.  Follow them on Twitter as well @eftours.


26. Jeanine Barone– J The Travel Authority combines amazing pictures (you have to see the banner image on her site), videos she has made, and words to relate her travel adventures. Having written for National Geographic Traveler and Conde Nast, as well as posting consistently on her blog, her storytelling takes her readers into the lands she is exploring. Two thumbs up in our book.  Check her out on Twitter @JCreatureTravel.

27. Grace Meng– Nonprofit consultant and writer living in Brooklyn, she writes at One Fork One Spoon and the content of her blog, in her own words is “a lot of things — food, travel, and even privacy sometimes, but ultimately, I’m interested in good stories wherever I can find them.” We especially loved the following stories: Gwangju Questions , My Very Subjective Best of Oaxaca Guide Pt 2 and The Power of Beans and Sticky Rice Cakes on The Shortest Day of the Year.

28. Anja Mutic– Her online presence is at Ever The Nomad where this self-described traveler who writes and writer who travels expresses her experiences. Ms. Mutic’s writings describe places all over the earth, but she has a special affection for Croatia and New York City. A sample of the best of her writing is in the post on Patagonia,  another feature we like are the frequent guest posts from destinations all over the world.

29. Jen Lacenda-Freelance travel and lifestyle writer based out of Toronto weaves her stories with words and incredible images on Folie a Deux and The Travel Provocteur. As Morocco lovers and having spent lots of time in Marrakesh, we were thrilled with her Marrakesh city guide both in words and pictures, make sure to read it to whet your appetite for Morocco.

Around the World

30. Shannon O’Donnell– Ms. O’Donnell writes at A Little Adrift, which she began when she traveled around the world over the course of 11 months. We loved that her writing style allows you to seemingly connect with her personally, and jump into the adventures she is having. Check out “Dancing to Traditional Slovenian Music” and “A Cultural Faux Pas in Sarajevo.” Go check her page out on Twitter also @ShannonRTW.

31. Tom and Amber Swift-Let’s get down to the details of travel, I mean the nitty-gritty ones where you’re told how many pairs of underwear to bring for nine months. Concerned about what to pack, what gear to bring, or how to prepare your itinerary? Amber and Tom Swift have laid it all out for you in their 9-month travelogue to Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia. Their purpose: “Ditching our cubicles to discover the world.”  Look at their Twitter as well @aswift.

32. Barbara Wiebel– Take a rickshaw ride through the streets of Nepal, video style. Ms. Wiebel provides both practical tips like which phone applications to get for travel, to the tales of humorous scamming attempts in South Africa. After having left her droll career behind, Wiebel recounts her experiences from multiple countries and continents. The level of detail provided within each expedition is enough for any Travel for Dummies customer to embark on their next trip with confidence. Packing tips, travel safety, travel insurance, hitchhiking, frequent flier tips: this is merely a window on the large array of helpful traveling information shared. Take advantage of her experience through successes and failures in her own journeys.

33. Heather Cowper– Heather’s travels began around Europe in her childhood and continue to this day. More recently, her voyages have launched her to more exotic locales like the Amazon. Travel blogging is taken to an entirely new level with the enthralling photography, videography, and documentation kept throughout Heather’s explorations. Get lost in Grecian monasteries, known for the fine arts of honey and lace making. Take a gander at some of the most highly rated beaches in the Dominican Republic but don’t forget to plan your own trip after reviewing “Heather on Her Travels.” Take a glance at her Twitter page @Heathercowper.

34. Jamie and Martin-This X-non-traveler had her world turned upside-down from a study abroad trip to Italy. Although travel luster was lacking in her past, Jamie and her husband Martin are in the midst of a journey to go round the world, hence the name: “Traveling the World by the Seat of Our Pants.” Their travelogue is now rich in countries and expounding in description. Germany, Turkey, India, they’ve all been covered! Be sure to take a look at their traveling companion, Bacon and their Twitter @seatofourpants.

35. Jodi Ettenburg– Lawyer-gone traveler-gone freelance writer. Here’s your real life Eat, Pray, Love ladies and gentlemen. Regardless of whether the book or movie intrigued you, Ettenberg’s blog is sure to fascinate any reader. Her voyage began April 1, 2008 in South America. For those of you itching to travel but fearful of the research, this blog provides clear and organized archives complete with a directory on Google map, incredible images, and intriguing description.  Don’t forget about Twitter @legalnomads.

36. Mark Wiens– Feel free to take traveling risks like eating exotic bugs or viewing wild mammals on the prowl through Mark’s reads and videos in documentary fashion.  “Migration Mark,” as he calls himself has assembled an eclectic and unique collection of articles and information from around the world. Coming from an educated Global Studies major, readers can depend upon Wiens’ abundant knowledge and experience. Who wouldn’t want expert traveling information broken down into layman’s terms at no cost?  Take a look at his Twitter @migrationology.

37. Alex and Mina– Travel not only the world, but also back in time to an era of stamps and postcards. Alex and Mina’s en vogue blog will soon cover their recent settlement in ‘la belle province,’ “the beautiful province.” Their decision to retire the nomadic lifestyle landed the couple in Quebec. Although this quirky duo is beginning to plant roots their travel diary is sure to provide a plethora of intriguing information from Ecuador to Egypt. “We hope that you enjoy the often mundane, occasionally peculiar, and sometimes extraordinary things that we’ll share with you in this travelogue.” Don’t miss them on Twitter @send_postcards.

38. David Atkinson– An award-winning travel writer based near Manchester, Mr. Atkinson utilizes words, photos on Flickr, links to his published stories and videos on YouTube to convey his messages. One of our favorite posts of Mr. Atkinson is the story “Hiking in the Footsteps of Paul” and the line that resonates so true with our experience in Morocco:

The afternoon call to prayer echoed off the mountains, the local gasman pulled up a dusty truck to join us for a sugar-rush tea and Mustafa’s spiky-haired teenage son was animatedly describing his hopes for an influx of good-looking travelers on the trail signposted from the bottom of his village.

I’ll treasure those simple country pleasures, so rich in terms of experience but absurdly cheap in crude monetary terms. I drained my tea and shook hands with the family.

The smiles were genuine, not forced.


39. Leif Pettersen– Petterson offers readers more than your basic travel information; his refreshing and raw style will generate some laughter and amusement along the way as well. Throughout his witty commentary one is guaranteed a wide reading margin of topics ranging from food critique, to fastest escape from a strait jacket, to personable and practical tips from around the globe. One of his more recent posts, “The Top Six US Cities for Street Food (That I Want to Sample)”, is sure to leave your mouth watering and feet itching for a cuisine tour of the states.

40. Frank Goddard-How about a cocktail of sarcasm, humor, and travel? If that sounds about right for you then check out Frank’s tales and woes of adventure. Although an ocean lover, Frank can be found in flight or on foot anywhere around the world. Together, he and his wife explore through food, drink, and culture.

Custom Morocco Search Engine

Don’t you hate it when you are trying to search on the web, and you can’t find what you are looking for! When trying to get information about Morocco it is especially bad because half to three quarters of your results come from big automated websites with the same info every one else has. It can get really frustrating. This commercial by Bing in regards to Hawaii made me laugh because it is similar to the results you find when you try and Google (or Bing) information related to Morocco.

After being Morocco internet junkies for several years now, we built a customized search engine (via Google Custom Search) to create the first (That we know of) custom English Morocco search engine.

How does it work?

We picked the best of the best blogs/sites/twitterers about Morocco in the English language to populate our search results. That means when you search for something your results will come from someone or some source that actually knows Morocco from living here, working here or reporting specifically on Morocco. You can check out the Best of the Best list of sites below (organized by category)


The websites that are included in this list are:

Morocco (General)

1. Friends of Morocco: Another of the granddaddy of Moroccan sites, this sites features all things Morocco, including a great list of annotated links.

2. Vagabond Morocco: Written by a self proclaimed Vagabond, this blog chronicles the authors travels around the world, but includes many detailed entries about life, culture, travel and cities within Morocco including his marriage ceremony to a Moroccan.

3. Ibn Ibn Battuta: The Morocco portion of the blog chronicles the authors time in Morocco from 2008-2009 and includes lots of photos, best of Morocco lists, and guides to cool things to do in Morocco like learning derija.

4. L’Amandier Marrakech: The blog chronicles the development of some luxury villas in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, and includes many detailed posts about the author’s experiences in Morocco.

5. Wanderlust: The blog chronicles the American author/designer’s journey to Morocco and her experiences therein as she works exporting Moroccan artisan products abroad.

6. Evelyn in Morocco: This blog is described as an Expat’s observations & commentary on life in Morocco. The writing is detailed as the author takes you into daily life in Morocco- one great sample is here entitled “Daily Economics.”

7. Moroccan Design: This site is the story of an American woman’s love of Moroccan design and culture. Classic posts include Music Festivals in Morocco and Modern Rabat.

8. The Elephant Cloud: Travel Blog with 26 posts on Morocco including posts on Chefchaouen, The High Atlas, Fez & More.

9. Flickr Morocco: Flickr group pool of Moroccan pics from all over the country.

10. Morocco Insights: Articles on Moroccan People, History, Economy and more.

Marrakech Area

11. My Marrakech: An American in Marrakech blogs on style, Moroccan experiences and excellently crafted descriptions of people she meets. The photos on this site are incredible as well, this is the type of site that makes everyone wish they could capture the essence of an experience with words/pictures the way the author does.

12. Wine Writer– This blog chronicles luxurious past times in Marrakesh and includes the authors experiences from over twenty years in Morocco. The author also runs Expat Abroad in Morocco which deals with expat issues and experiences in Morocco.

13. Life in Marrakesh: The author is trilingual, born in Morocco with Californian parents, went to university in the US and now lives in Marrakesh with her husband and children. The blog chronicles the happenings of life in Marrakesh.

14. The Good Life in Morocco: Described as an English Guide to Marrakech, the blog is run by a woman and her family who are renovating a guest house. She also runs a boutique and displays items and descriptions on the site.

Meknes Area

15. Riad Felloussia, Meknes Blog: A great blog and guide to Meknes, Morocco, the author runs the Riad Felloussia, and uses the blog to introduce e-visitors to Meknes and the region there around. They also feature the best Meknes resource list that I have seen.

16. Meknes Video Feed: This is from Google video search and includes both professional and amateur videos about places & issues in Meknes. Results include this informational video hosted on Marrakesh.tv and even a of what it would be like to eat brain in for dinner in Meknes in this video hosted on Youtube.

Fes Area

16. A View From Fez: The granddaddy of Morocco blog, this blog details life in Fez, Morocco News and commentary on trends related to Morocco.

17. Pres Du Puits: The happenings of a French family who lives in a mud brick home just outside of Fes. The blog is really well written and contains detailed entries of places in Morocco, like the story of Hotel Lincoln in Casablanca

18. Everything Morocco: Although it is unusually formatted, this blog offers exquisite detail in the life of an expat living in Morocco and feature posts on driving in Fes, tourist/Moroccan interactions, and even research in Morocco.

19. Culture Vultures Fez: The unofficial cultural agenda and newsletter related to Fez.

20. Fez Guide: A trendy guide to Fez including creating their own Fez monopoly game!


32. Tangier Telegram: Its now defunct, but this is a top-notch guide to Tangier Morocco.

High Atlas Area

8. High Atlas News: The blog is seldom updated these days, but by digging through the archives you can find great info about traveling to the High Atlas area of Morocco.

46. High Atlas Foundation: Foundation that works for the development of communities in the High Atlas.

21. Imlil: This website bills itself as helpful information for travelers, climbers and mountaineers related to Mount Toubkal and the surrounding area.

Moroccans Abroad

14. Laila Lalami: The Moroccan author, who has a Ph.D in linguistics, has written for the Boston Globe, the LA Times, The Nation, & The NY Times as well as two books. The blog contains her views on world events and especially media, law & politics in Morocco. Besides Ms. Lalami’s well crafted writing style, reading her vantage point as a trilingual Moroccan female living in the United States and educated in Rabat, London & Los Angeles is a fascinating look into the world of Moroccan politics.

29. Cabalmuse: The Blog of a Moroccan poet turned world traveler the blog does extensive commentary on Moroccan international relations and politics. The author writes lucidly and in depth political opinion pieces about events in Morocco like Morocco’s relationship with the Western Sahara or the Moroccan diaspora.

Moroccan Property & Investment

7. Moroccan Property: From the crew at the View from Fez, this is a self described guide to all things for an expat who is interested in buying Moroccan property.

11. The Builder’s Guide to Marrakech: The blog is run by a Brit (married to a Moroccan) who lives in Marrakech and works as a real estate agent and developer for expats wishing to purchase & rehab riads. The photos are great, and the knowledge authentic.

38. @Morocco_invest: Moroccan investment news as well as all things Moroccan.

Fullbright/Peace Corp Experiences

17. Aesthetic of Lostness: The blog describes itself as a commentary on travel and culture. The Morocco section of the blog is one Fulbright Scholars experience studying and living in Morocco.

23. Oclynn in Morocco: An early retiree’s journeys in Morocco as part of the peace corp.

31. The A La Menthe: Reflections on Morocco from a former peace corps worker.

34. [email protected]: Peace Corp Volunteer blog from Zagora Morocco

36. Reflections and Experiences in Al Maghreb Al Aqsa: Peace corps blogger who works in Morocco in health services.


19. Bisahha: An anthropologists stories of her research related to mental health in Morocco.

45. Al Andaluz: Genealogy records of Moroccan families.

47. NationMaster Morocco: The best collection of statistical links on Morocco on the web.

49. Historical Text Archive Morocco: 21 historical texts on Morocco and its major events.The texts including letters from the French to Moroccan pirates, the 1836 Treaty of Peace between Morocco and the US, and the Algeciras conference of 1906.

Moroccan Cooking & Language

20. SouSou Kitchen: Awesome Moroccan cooking blog with lots of pics or videos detailing how to cook Moroccan cuisine. In addition to traditional recipes, the author also includes a list of Choumicha recipes (the Moroccan version of Rachel Ray or Paula Dean), and our personal favorite, beef tagine with prunes.

30. Speak Moroccan Arabic: Online lessons for Moroccan Arabic- a great introduction to Moroccan Arabic with both grammar & vocab lessons. Possibly the best aspect of the site is the forum where you can both ask and answer questions with fellow students.


25. Morocco Board: News board updated daily with info on grassroots Morocco, books, classifieds, events & more.

26. Morocco Times: “An open window to what is going on in Morocco and all over the world” the blog details Morocco happenings related to politics, festivals, economy & society.

27. Maghreb in English: “A collaborative effort aimed at promoting intelligent conversation about North Africa and the Sahel.” All the news isn’t about Morocc per se, but focusing on North Africa and in English it makes accessible news and information that has traditionally be reserved for those fluent in French or Arabic.

28. Global Voices Morocco: A community of bloggers who report on the blogs and citizen media from around Morocco.

37. @TopMorocco: Twitter feed broadcasting news & links on Moroccan economy, news, jobs, real estate & travel

40. @MoroccoNewsline: Twitter stream for all Moroccan news.

41. @Morocco_ : News and updates on Morocco

42. Marweb Morocco: Morocco News & Press Reviews

43. Morocco Daily: Conglomeration of News feeds related to Morocco from many sources around the web.

44. Maghred Arab Press: The official Moroccan press (in English).

Photo Credits:

Moroccan Flag, Marrakesh, Riad

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  • What we expect from you…

  • Share with us what you are dreaming of for a Moroccan tour
  • An email response once you receive the itinerary
  • Feedback on what your like about the itinerary and what you want to change
  • Free Morocco travel tips from 10 years in Morocco…

    From 10 years of living in Morocco we have put together some planning tips. We hope you find them helpful. View Morocco Travel Tips Now

    We love private, authentic travel! We believe that this is your trip, so you should be able to create it in the way that will work best for you. It is your budget, your itinerary and your pace.

    We are here to provide guidance and expertise to you as you look forward to making your trip to Morocco a reality.

    Thanks for choosing moroccotours.org,
    Jeff Wilson
    Founder and Director
    PS…if you do not hear from us, please check your SPAM folder

    What do you mean by “Private Tour”?

    A Private Tour is a tour that is an individual tour for you and those in your group. We will not put others in your group, but each portion is provided for you and you alone. Each of our tours is escorted by a professional English speaking driver who will show you Morocco through his eyes. Your driver is there to serve you and allow you to enjoy the tour at your pace and focusing on your areas of interest.

    We have no doubt that the success of the trip was in no small way due to the tireless efforts of our driver/guide Namir. He is an individual that truly enjoys his work and that was communicated to us in a myriad of small ways.

    Namir working his magic!

    Namir working his magic!

    Because the tour is “your tour”, we will look to hear from you about what will make this tour extra special. Do you want to focus on culture, history, shopping, architecture, cuisine or something else? Just let us know!

    Why do you only offer Private Tours? Over the past 7 years, we have listened to our clients who have told us to stick with private tours. They have repeatedly told us, “We will never do a group tour again…we are sold on a custom private tour.” Group tours can be less expensive, but if you want to really experience the culture or country…can you really do that with 20 people in your group? Enjoy the authentic Morocco with your choice of travel companions.

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