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Desert Getaways

On the outskirts of Marrakech, exist dozens of arid getaways. Pools, hammams, fine dining and sun make the rest of the world feel like it is a million miles away.

Shopping in the Medina

Morocco’s medinas are perfect for shopping. Lanterns, rugs, traditional shoes, fabrics, jewellry, painted furniture, with everything available it is easy to get caught up in “medina madness.”

Jmaa Al Fnaa

It is the main square of Marrakesh, and most of the action in the Medina happens around it. The square is filled with orange juice stands (make sure to get the orange-grapefruit combination!), spice stands, henna designers, storytellers, snake charmers,

Islamic Architecture

Morocco has long valued craftsmanship, and the combination of Islamic and Spanish influence have created some architectural masterpieces.

Marrakech Pool

Marrakech can heat up during the summer! That is why we enjoy so many of its great pools. Sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday, poolside as you look out to the Atlas Mountains.

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