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Marrakech’s Famous Square

marrakech-nightThe highlight of most travelers to Marrakech is the famous square, Jemaa el Fna. Located on the edge of the ancient medina between the souks (markets) and Koutoubia Mosque, the cultural setting comes alive at night. As you walk into the square, the first thing you will encounter is the thousands of people gathered for the evening.

Ouarzazate, The Door of the Desert

ouarzazate-smallFor anyone wishing to visit the Sahara desert from Marrakech, they will need to pass through the “door of the desert”, Ouarzazate.The name of the town itself comes from the Berber phrase meaning, “without noise,” and it’s for this reason why a lot of people travel here. Ouarzazate is one travel spot in Morocco that is popular for

The Sahara Desert

camel-and-guideThe Sahara Desert is one of the “must sees” of Morocco. People have described their Sahara experience as “one of the most amazing places on earth” or “a highlight of my life!” Both the Best of Morocco and Authentic Morocco allow you to experience

The Ancient Medina of Fes

Tannery2Perhaps one of the most authentic sites of Morocco is the Fes Medina, the ancient walled city. Over 1200 years old, the Fes Medina is one of the top three largest walled cities in the world with over 9000 small streets and alleys, creating a labyrinth of hidden treasures.

Chefchoeun – The Blue City of Morocco

Chefchaouen, known as the “Blue City” of Morocco is a unique city nestled up in the northeastern Rif mountains of morocco. As you walk through this lovely city, you will be astounded by its beauty.

Desert Getaways

On the outskirts of Marrakech, exist dozens of arid getaways. Pools, hammams, fine dining and sun make the rest of the world feel like it is a million miles away.

Shopping in the Medina

Morocco’s medinas are perfect for shopping. Lanterns, rugs, traditional shoes, fabrics, jewellry, painted furniture, with everything available it is easy to get caught up in “medina madness.”

Jmaa Al Fnaa

It is the main square of Marrakesh, and most of the action in the Medina happens around it. The square is filled with orange juice stands (make sure to get the orange-grapefruit combination!), spice stands, henna designers, storytellers, snake charmers,

Islamic Architecture

Morocco has long valued craftsmanship, and the combination of Islamic and Spanish influence have created some architectural masterpieces.

Atlas Mountains

Mount Toubkal is the highest peak in North Africa, and sits about 60 kilometers south of Marrakesh. If you are into outdoor adveture, this is one of Morocco’s best, and offers some of the country’s best views.

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