April 1 – Morocco as normal

As April comes around, Morocco seems back to its normal self. People are all excited about the new changes they are hearing about from the King and looking forward to the future of Morocco. Our clients continue to arrive in Morocco; feeling safe as they go. Richard just wrote:

“From our point of view we arrived in the country with mixed feelings having seen the troubles in North Africa and the Middle East.  They were centre stage in our mind.  Our friends were advising caution and felt they should look elsewhere.  We ignored there advice as we also relied on the statements coming out of the USA State department, the UK Foreign Service and most important of all the Australian DFAT travel advice. Here the advice had not changed since November 2010 so we felt we should proceed.   Our trip was safe, felt safe and we did not have cause at any point even to consider this issue.  We did see a small demonstration in Casablanca but it was orderly and we were milling around Casablanca’s town centre square as if nothing was happening.” You can read their entire review here.

From our point of view at our office in Fes, Morocco is back to normal life.

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