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“An experience of a lifetime!”

My Moroccan trip IN JULY, with Hamid[our driver] is an experience of a lifetime. I will never forget this trip and every person/adventure that went into it.

I emailed Morocco Tours for a general inquiry. Jeff, is punctual and knowledgeable upfront. Within a few days we were able to narrow down what I was looking for in this trip and an outline. I give it to Jeff- for those who just know they want to go, have instincts, and not a ton of facts- Jeff helps put it together!

When I arrived in Morocco, I met Hamid, who was my guide for 12 days. I will never think of Morocco without thinking of Hamid. He is a very kind, professional, funny, great man. I trusted Hamid the entire time. As a solo traveler, I relied on him a lot for advice on where to go and what to say. We became friends. 

Because of Hamid, Jeff, and Morocco Tours- listening to me and customizing… I’ve walked the winding mazes in medinas, climbed historic Kasbahs, slept under the stars of the Sahara Desert, played music with camel riders, and sunbathed on the coast in the Moroccan sun.

I highly intend to plan the north part of Morocco, with Hamid, through Morocco tours within 5 years … 3… maybe next summer..


July of 2022