What is affordable luxury?

What is the difference between Luxury and affordable luxury? The answer is simple…a lot of money and perhaps no difference in quality.

Over the past  10 years, we have listened to our clients to create and design some very nice high-end tours that are  luxurious and authentic, yet don’t break the bank.  What is our secret? We use the same vehicles, the same 5 star riads, the same driver, but not the “brand name travel company” and we can offer you an affordable price for your top end tour.

The Challenge! Please look around at the other high-end operators offering luxury tours to Morocco. Compare their drivers, riad & hotels, meals etc… with our tour packages and see if what you notice a difference. Check their pricing with our pricing listed on our site. I am sure you will find that we offer an excellent service for a lot less money. And for bonus, how many of them can say that they have their own personal representative living in Morocco overseeing their valued clients?

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Hello, I’m Bethany! I lived in Morocco for 10 years and I’d love to share my experience with you. I’d love to work with you to create a customized Morocco journey that you’ll remember forever.

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