“…absolutely perfect…”

I just got back from my two weeks in Morocco and would like to get in touch before my own life takes over and washes away the experience. The entire trip was absolutely perfect. There were no glitches, nothing left to chance, no oooppss, no problems.
I am a happy customer. I enjoyed everything I did. I want to write a review for your company and services, but most of all for my driver, guide and now
new friend in Morocco, Abdelhahi Chahine.

Abdelhahi made this trip possible for me. A single woman traveling alone in an Islamic country is not a common thing, I realized that, and I am sure he realized that as well.
Abdelahi was professional, prompt, always on time and available but not over bearing, friendly but never chummy…insightful and knowledgeable, but not patronizing.
He was attentive to every detail and found the best guides for my activities. I will be always grateful for his services and his friendship.

I also like to thank you because you were very diligent in organizing this for me.

With gratitude,

Blanca, USA (April 2016)