“…absolutely magical!”

Regarding the trip, it was absolutely magical!! It was everything I hoped it would be and more. My husband, Jacques (who grew up in Morocco), was welcomed everywhere we went. He spoke one word of Arabic and they knew he spoke the language and when they found out he was a native son, they went nuts! It totally transformed his feelings about Morocco, the Moroccan people and being Moroccan himself. It was perfect.

We fell madly in love with Ahmed, our driver, and would loved to have brought him home with us!! We’ve been e-mailing back and forth with him since our return. I must tell you that Jacques gave him an insane tip at the end of our trip—-he may be ruined for anyone after us!! He took such good care of us and we felt very safe with him. We also truly adored our guide in Fes (Hakim) and spent a wonderful day with him. Fes was our favorite city. We also loved Essaouira—–it was the perfect place to end our trip.

Thank you for all your help in organizing this trip. It is truly was one of our favorites!

Sharyn & Jacques (USA & Morocco), June 2013