“A Very Memorable Trip”

The trip was really wonderful. You did a super job of putting together this itinerary for us. I remember you suggested staying in some Riad’s and you were right. We loved the mix of lovely hotels and Riad’s also.

Our driver, Ilyass was there to pick us up and delivered us from hotels to Riad’s and was a safe driver getting us everywhere. Frankly, we were amazed at his driving skills and how he was able to accomplish this feat!!! Ilyass did a great job of showing us his country and finding the best places to stop for food (amazing food!!) pictures, and anything else we wanted. His enthusiasm was infectious and we would highly recommend him to anyone.

The culture is so different from the USA. We really didn’t know what to expect. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. We enjoyed all of our guides. Very knowledgeable and good.

The Sofitel was great for New Years eve and fun too.

We loved Esssaquira and would have liked to stay more than one night ! Ilyass took us to one of the finest seafood restaurants and it was marvelous! We loved it and also the hotel there was beautiful.

Great fun show with belly dancers and such. Also the horse show….loved all of it.

Much more to say, but I will have to rethink again and again.

All in all, a very memorable trip and one of our top 5 for sure!

L. K.

December of 2018