“A truly special trip.”

Speaking for Mary Beth and me, we had a wonderful experience with the tour (as was the case for Mike and Linda too).   We were grateful we had Zak as our driver/guide.  He’s a wonderful person and we felt so well taken care of by him throughout the trip.  We were so appreciative of his skilled driving, the knowledge and insights he shared about Morocco, the different places he had us stop at — including some great lunch spots — and the guides he lined up for us. Having been with him for two weeks we couldn’t imagine our trip without him.  Anyway, I could go on about him but suffice to say we felt lucky to be in his hands for two weeks.  

The trip was full of highlights for us, but if I had to name the headline one it would be our overnight stay in the desert, which was pretty magical.  Overall, we really enjoyed the diverse range of places we saw, reflected in both the beauty of the country and the rich culture and history of its people.  I’d say another highlight was that the places the tour arranged for us to stay were all great.  Dar Jasmine in Chefchaouen was a wonderful way to kick off the trip. 

We also appreciated meeting briefly with Jill when we were in Fez after Mike had come down with Covid.  She was a calming, caring presence and, like, Zak, gave us the feeling that we would be cared for and attended to no matter what came up.  Our experience with your whole team throughout the whole process — from planning to being on the ground — was nothing but positive and we would definitely recommend Morocco Tours to any friends who may consider going. 

In terms of constructive feedback, it would have been nice to hear a woman’s perspective at some point in the tour about life in Morocco; perhaps hearing more from a woman in  one of the cooperatives we stopped at.  Also, it was a long day when we went from the Sahara to Skoura.  When we got to the Ksar Kabbaba in Skoura it was such a beautiful place we kind of wished we had gotten there a little earlier and had more time to just relax and enjoy it. Overall, we spent more time in the car than we thought, but understand we wouldn’t have seen everything we did if we didn’t drive as much as we did. 

In conclusion, we are very glad we booked the tour with you and will cherish our memories of a truly special trip.

  • – Mike (May, 2024)