“…a memorable trip…”

Yes, we are home from a memorable trip for sure. We were overwhelmed by the beauty, sights, diversity and history of Morocco and learned and saw so very much – it will take a while to digest and process!

Some detailed feedback :

Ryad was very professional, personable, informative and helpful in every way. We were very pleased to have him as our driver — a hardworking, decent young guy eager to make us comfortable and our trip smooth. He is a real asset for the company. For us, getting to know a Moroccan was an important part of the experience. He went out of way to make sure we had what we needed and was always cheerful and engaging — we are big fans.

Our take on the accomodations:

Standout Riads/hotels: Riad the Repose in Sale — comfortable, attractive, friendly. The food was outstanding – I mean truly superb — very contemporary and sophisticated riff on Moroccan classics done in a vegetarian way – the cook there is someone truly special. She served our dinner on the rooftop and it was picture perfect. Jan the owner was charming and helpful.

Jaimas Madu – we loved our experience in the desert — the 4 x 4 driver was fun and chatty, our camel jockey stopped now and then to sing and dance — for himself, the camels or us, we didn’t know — it was fun! and the desert camp was wonderful— staff was attentive and smiling, food was simple but plentiful, everything we needed in our luxury tents —- very enjoyable. The Sahara was indescribably beautiful and quiet — unforgettable.

L’ma Lodge — this place is an absolute treasure — a really stylish, ultra comfortable small place with a sophisticated dinner and delicious breakfast, gorgeous setting, very friendly and professional staff. Rooms were soothing, quiet, well appointed — we could have stayed here for a week — a real gem. A real treat.

Riad Adore – another top notch winner — a perfectly lovely place with a gracious and totally professional staff eager to please and respond to every need — again, dinner on the terrace was lovely and serene and everyone there was so gracious and welcoming.

Tour guides — For the most part there were fine – some better than others for sure, as is always the case. Ryad asked for our feedback after each one and we told him — the guy in Rabat was the most challenging — very lively and friendly but he rambled quite a bit about Islam and seemed to go way off the topic — and when we were tired and wanted to stop, he didn’t take no for an answer. I know he meant well but he just wouldn’t stop.
The guide in Fes was very thorough and had a teacher’s approach — sometimes, he wasn’t interested in listening to us but wanted to get through his spiel but he did seem to know a great deal about the city and its history.
Our guide in Rissani, Hichem I believe, was very good and we liked his style – we really enjoyed him. And the guide in Marrakech was knowledgable, smart, funny and flexible — when my sister got sick, he quickly called Ryad to pick her up and then modified the afternoon for Steve and I.

We appreciated your detailed and thoughtful help every step of the way, the company was professional every step of the way and yes, we would recommend you to friends considering Morocco.

Kit, Stephen & Margot, USA (October 2016)