Is Morocco on your Bucket List

8 Reasons Morocco Should Be On Your Bucket List

If Morocco isn’t on your bucket list, then I’d like to give you 8 reasons why it should be!  Over the past 20+ years of hearing back from travelers who have visited Morocco, I have compiled this list of their top reasons why they loved Morocco. 

Amazing sites & places to visit 

Morocco is truly a diverse and amazing country. Whether you like photography, history, the arts, food, or many other interests, Morocco has something for everyone. Travelers marvel that in the span of a few days, they can experience an old historical city, see the breathtaking Sahara desert, and then watch the landscape change into mountains often topped with snow.

 “Driving through the country side was so amazing as the landscape in so varied.  It truly has everything from ancient to modern, mountains to beaches, farms to cities.  Specifically, we loved Chefchouen, Volubilis, and Fes Medina.” – Kate & Jon (Australia)

Just to whet your appetite, here are a few of our favorite sites to visit:

  • Sahara Desert – experience the vast golden sand dunes while spending the night in a tented camp (luxury or standard)
  • Blue City of Chefchaouen – a photographer’s paradise, this artistic blue and white city is nestled in the hills of northern Morocco. 
  • Ancient Medinas of Fes & Marrakech – step back 1000 years into the souks (markets) of these old walled historical cities. 
  • Jewish & Roman Heritage – if you love history, you’ll enjoy the Jewish history sites or the UNESCO site of Volubilis with 2000-year-old mosaics intact.
  • Coastal Fishing Town of Essaouira – wander the streets in the small artistic town of Essaouira. 

Morocco has so many cities and sites to experience! Whether you have a week or 3 weeks, there is plenty to see in Morocco. 

It’s safe 

Morocco has worked extremely hard to position itself as the safest country in North Africa. The King of Morocco has invested heavily in making sure travelers to Morocco feel safe & have a good experience. 

“We felt safe the entire time and well taken care of by our great guide and driver.” – Debbie

Like every country in the world, things can happen BUT on the whole, Morocco is a safe destination for international travelers. 

When people ask me if I think Morocco is safe, I tell them, “I let my single 17 year old daughter travel around the country with her friend.” Granted, they had one of our trusted drivers with them, but they felt secure the entire time.

If you want to know more about safety in Morocco, check out this entire blog called Is Morocco Safe.

Something for all ages 

One of the best things about Morocco is that you can visit it as a family (with kids) or explore it as a retired couple. My kids loved growing up in Morocco: experiencing the camel ride in the desert, watching the demonstrations at the spice shops and weavers, and so much more. My parents loved the history, culture, cuisine, and handicrafts. Morocco has something for all ages!

If you want adventure, Morocco has quads bikes, hot air balloons, rock climbing, horseback riding, trekking, and much more.

“Overall, It was an all ages experience that even the teenager enjoyed!” – Jess

morocco camel ride all ages

Friendly & hospitable people 

One of the things I love the most about Morocco is the friendly people. Morocco is known for its hospitality. I’ve told numerous people that I could probably travel around the entire country without paying for a meal or a place to sleep. Moroccans are so hospitable, they would quickly invite me in.

“The country is rich with culture, diversity and most of all the most amazing hardworking people. We were greeted with warmth and hospitality by every individual and groups we met, and it was as if they couldn’t do enough for us. But most of all our guide/driver was spectacular. He made the entire trip the most memorable experience that we just can’t seem to stop reminiscing about to our friends and family. ” – Rick and Sandra, Canada

Over and over, our past clients have spoken about their friendly drivers and how their drivers have allowed them to really experience the warmth of Moroccans. They have loved interacting with the different peoples of Morocco. 

Easy access – travel & visas

Being situated in the northwest corner of Africa, Morocco is easily accessible to Europe and the USA. You can find direct flights from a few major US cities as well as most key European hubs.

If you want to cross the Straight of Gibraltar, you can jump on a ferry and cross from Europe into North Africa in less than 45 minutes.

One of the other great things about Morocco is that travelers from most countries don’t need a visa to travel to it. As long as you have a passport (valid for 6 months), you can get stamped into Morocco at the airport or port.

Luxury to backpacking 

Morocco offers a wide range of accommodations and restaurants. Whether you want to stay in 5-star luxury riad or a lower-budget hostel, Morocco has something to offer. You can find cheap little places to stay in the old cities that give you the local experience if you are on a budget, and use public transportation if you feel up for the adventure!

Most of the clients we serve appreciate the more luxurious method of travel with a private driver and boutique-style hotels called riads. For more information on riads, check out this article called, What is a Riad?

“The Riad accommodations were wonderful.  We enjoyed being in the midst of cities-each  had its own look and feel.” – Tom

Similarly, with restaurants, you can have a range of experiences. Sip a cocktail in a gorgeous palace in Marrakech, or if you more about the local experience, you can find some wonderful little holes in the wall with delicious barbecue.

Fantastic food

I argue all the time that Morocco has some of the best food in the world. From the variety of cooked salads to the tasty tajines (stew), Moroccan food is fantastic. 

If you are a foodie, make sure to try the Pastilla. This is a pastry dough stuffed with shredded chicken or pigeon, mixed with almonds and cinnamon. Topped with powdered sugar, it’s a surprisingly delicious combination of sweet and savory! Or, ask for a beef, prune & apricot tajine (my favorite). Couscous loaded with steamed vegetables is the traditional Friday meal.

“The food was tremendous. The different Tajines we had were all exquisite.” – Peter

As you wander the streets, you will surely come across numerous street food vendors. Give them a try!

Arts & handicrafts

Growing up in a house of artists, I have always been impressed by high quality art. Moroccan artists & craftsmen are masters in this category. You’ll first notice the incredible handiwork in your riad, where you see the hand-placed tile patterns covering entire walls. Detailed plasterwork often decorates the space near the ceiling, often hiding verses from the Qu’ran in Arabic calligraphy. You can watch these artisans at work when you visit the potters of Fes or the Berber weavers. You may also come across craftsmen hammering spiral designs into copper plates.

“So many highlights!…The variety of treasures:  rugs, fossils, mosaic work, brass work, jewelry, spices, shawls, art.” – Susan and Allan

If you’re interested in learning about some of these art traditions, think about taking a class in embroidery, leather, tiling or more!

Have you added Morocco to your bucket list?

If Morocco is on your bucket list and you want guidance planning a private Morocco tour, please contact us today. We’d love to help!