Outdoor Adventures at Terres D’Amanar

Terres D’Amanar is an adventure park to remember, 173 acres of adrenaline pumping fun and enjoyment for the whole family. Set at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains, only forty minutes from Marrakesh, this adventure park is the perfect day trip or overnight adventure.

Terres D’Amanar offers activities for all ages. Eco lodges are also available onsite if you want to make your adventure experience last a little longer.

From horse riding and camel riding to rope slides, mountain biking, swimming and arts and crafts, this park offers everything traditional and Moroccan. Learn how to cook Moroccan delights, weave carpets or play traditional Berber games.

There is a restaurant onsite that offers delightful Berber cuisine.

The Aero Park is filled with four zip wires ranging from 135 meters to 306 meters in length, shooting you across the most magnificent natural landscapes. There are also a number of rope bridges and rope slides to make your way across, enjoying the abundance of natural beauty as you go.

The park also offers a number of walking tours ranging from one to five hours, the guide will take you on a guided tour of the park pointing out all the natural fauna and flora.

Mountain biking is also very popular in this beautiful area, with a choice of trails, including some overnight experiences.

The games side of the park is traditional letting you enjoy some of the more traditional games played in and around Morocco, including Berber bowls, ring games and throwing stone games.

Enjoy some craft workshops, learn how to cook traditional Moroccan delights, how to weave carpets or even how to do copper work.

Terres D’Amanar is an outdoor experience park you will never forget. A range of groups for children, along with fun experiences for the adults in one of the most beautiful settings in Morocco.

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